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Essential Wedding Planning Checklist 2022

Wedding planning has changed. After almost two years of navigating through the Covid-19 minefield, it’s now safe to say that the “new normal” is here to stay. Constant cancellations, revisions, amendments, postponements have left couples feeling fatigued and uncertain. In 2020 and 2021, it had been easier to dismiss the insanity we’re having to deal with as a passing complication and to delay all big life events. However, with the C-tuation stubbornly refusing to leave us be, life still has to go on, doesn't it? And it is absolutely possible to plan the best wedding you can imagine and make sure it goes ahead - you just need to respond to the new planning environment in a way that will best safeguard your wedding.

So with that in mind, how DO you approach wedding planning in 2022? What concessions do you need to make to take Covid-19 into consideration? And how do you roll with the planning punches without ending up on the ropes - or tangled in them? Read on to our top tips for maintaining your bridal poise and achieving the wedding of your dreams no matter what.

The most essential things to consider for your Wedding Planning Checklist 2022:

  1. - Evaluate the Risks

  2. - Be Flexible

  3. - Read the Contract

  4. - Get Insurance

  5. - Put Your Guests First

  6. - Don't Delay Booking Your Wedding Suppliers

Evaluate the Risks


Consider if any details of your fantasy wedding are likely to put the whole event in jeopardy? Is having a function with hundreds of guests a good idea? If importing food, wine, props, dresses from elsewhere in the world, are they likely to be delayed? Is it worth the worry to plan a destination wedding in the current climate? Do you want to have to take into account, not only the changing rules in the UK as well as those of the country you’re planning the wedding in? If a wedding abroad is the only option you want to consider, investigate how the country has been dealing with the pandemic to date. Has it been in unprecedented chaos or are the infection rates in a good place? The recommendation from wedding experts of course is to plan local. Not only will you be supporting Scottish businesses (and the economy) that badly need your custom but your wedding or event is more likely to go ahead. Also, consider the fact that the majority (if not all) of your guests are more likely to attend a wedding in the UK rather than take the risk of travelling abroad.

A good way to approach the doubtless lengthy list of things you as a couple want from your big day, is to split it into 3 sections - Must, Should, and Could. Think about what will make or break your day, what you would miss about it, and what the "cherry on top" items would be, and then take a more relaxed approach to the Should and Could columns. When you’re planning your wedding, it’s very easy to get caught up in it all and give equal value to everything, forgetting that some things are not the “be-all-and-end-all” details they first appear to be. Take a mindful attitude to your wedding checklist and we guarantee that you’ll forget about half the stuff you thought you absolutely needed on the day when it finally comes around.


Be Flexible

What is an absolute deal-breaker for the wedding? Prioritise and focus on that and don’t sweat the small stuff. Be prepared for the possibility that not every detail of the day will go exactly how you planned it and mentally prepare not to be too disappointed about it. Hard to do, we know, but you’ll be saving yourself a great deal of heartache.

Have a plan A, B, and C to make sure your wedding happens in a way that you want, one way or another. Yes, it might mean a little more work now but it will save you having a mad panic and trying to make last-minute plans or revisions. Make sure you communicate your plans to your suppliers so that they can help you be flexible where possible and potentially suggest other ways in which you can safeguard your big day.


Read the Contract


Communicating with your suppliers and being clear on the contract you sign with them is also important to avoid any nasty surprises. Some contracts may have exemption clauses that don’t cover changes / cancellations caused by Covid-19 which means you may lose your deposit, or worse, the full amount. Whilst most wedding suppliers bend over backwards to help their customers and make the planning process as easy as possible, in order to keep their business from losing money - especially in these difficult times - some changes might not be possible. Keep them in the loop of your decisions, ask for advice early, and don’t make assumptions.

If you’re unclear about anything in the contract you’re signing, put down the pen, clarify the points you’re unsure of, and only agree to your contractual obligations if they work with your approach. Otherwise, find someone else to work with - it will be better for everyone in the long run if you choose a supplier with whom you can have a good working relationship.


Get Insurance


With everything that’s going on, it would be unwise to plan a trip to the shops without insurance! As Covid-19 tends to strike at the most unpredictable times, it is the unexpected obstacle that should be expected. With trips, holidays, events, and everything in between being canceled due to Coronavirus infection rates and businesses trying (and frequently failing) to stay afloat, it’s getting increasingly difficult to get deposits / full payments back from companies who are facing a tsunami of cancellations every time the government tightens the restrictions or  countries close their borders.

Getting insurance, therefore, is important now more than ever. But be absolutely meticulous when you’re buying a policy - check the exclusions with a fine-toothed comb (some companies might not cover any Covid-specific issues) and make sure that the policy wording is sufficiently clear so that the insurance provider can’t wriggle out of paying up on a technicality. Ask clarifying questions, get everything in writing, and don’t assume that all insurance policies are equal - they’re definitely not.

Put your guests first


Finally, whilst you MUST follow government-mandated guidelines it’s frequently the case that you may have to exercise more common sense than is present in the policies of the rule-makers. The government can’t afford to compensate the hospitality sector for lost business indefinitely, and it can be the case that the guidelines put in place for events - in terms of the number of guests etc - do not necessarily go far enough to protect the people around us. And so it falls to you and your guests to make sure that your wedding won’t be putting your loved ones at risk. Check the rules and regulations in your area but also have a glance over the infection rates and make an executive decision based on the facts.  That way you can be sure that your wedding will be one to remember for all the right reasons - not because it became a superspreader event!


Don’t Delay - Book Today!


Whether you’re looking for the best wedding band Scotland has to offer, your perfect wedding venue, a creative caterer or the most incredible blooms, don’t put off booking. Follow the advice above but make sure you get your wedding date in the diary of your preferred supplier as soon as possible. Due to weddings postponed from 2020 and 2021 as well as a rush to book up weddings with the easing of restrictions, most wedding suppliers’ calendars are looking scarily full not only for 2022 but 2023 and even 2024! People are desperate to start celebrating again and spending time with family and friends so if you don’t want to miss out on the creme de la creme of the Scottish wedding industry, you’ll need to get cracking.

If you need inspiration on wedding venues or suppliers we have some helpful recommendations which might help make your decision easier. Happy browsing!

If you want to start planning your wedding entertainment but are unsure or nervous about making any concrete plans then contact us for a no-obligation, chat. We know how exciting it is to start organising your big day, so if there are any questions or concerns that we can help you address to give you peace of mind, we’re here to help!