15 Nov 2017 Admin

Outdoor Activities for your Aberdeen Wedding

Outdoor weddings can be great fun, especially if you’ve prepared special activities that all your guests can enjoy. Here are some great out-in-the-open activities that you can entertain your guests with at your outdoor Aberdeen wedding:

Treasure Hunt

Outdoor weddings usually have a ton of space to work with, which makes it a perfect place for a treasure hunt to take place. Have children as guests? You can opt to create a separate treasure hunt for them by hiding chocolate coins and lollies in nooks and corners.

Giant Jenga

Basically, a giant garden version of the traditional Jenga game, you and your guests would surely have fun trying to avoid letting the tower fall over.

Cocktail Making

A cocktail making station that’s set up right outside can be a perfect way for your guests to show off their hidden bartending and mixing skills. Take it up a notch by offering a prize for the guest who comes up with the best-looking and tastiest wedding cocktail.

Dancing Tent

What’s a wedding without music and dancing? Set up a tent with a dance floor where you and your guests can show off your moves as you party the night away on your wedding day!

Don’t have a wedding band for your dancing tent yet?

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Photo credits: www.myrescastle.co.uk, www.azbouncepro.com, www.theknot.com