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Ways to Avoid Christmas Party Entertainment Mishaps

Christmas parties have always been one of the highlights of the corporate year. It’s the time when the company celebrates the success of the whole 12 months and looks forward to another eventful year.

Choosing the right entertainment for your company Christmas party is crucial to make sure everyone goes home happy. To stay a step closer to a glitch-free evening, hire professional entertainers.

But now that you've already booked the perfect Christmas party band, how do you ensure your entertainment runs smoothly on the day of the party itself? 

Setting up and packing down

Decide on what time the band should arrive. If they arrive before the event starts, they can load in their gear and sound check without disturbing the program. However, once the equipment is set up, it can no longer be moved at all. 

If you have limited space, consider making the band arrive after meals. Bands can be discreet and non-intrusive when setting up, but most of them require 45 minutes to an hour to prepare so make sure they get enough time they need. 

Packing down can take up an hour so make sure the venue manager knows about this.

What part of the event the band should perform

Inform your band as to what part of the event they should perform. Should they perform during the event registration? During meals? After meals? Towards the end of the event? This will help your band figure out what type of songs to play for you. 

Space for the performers

Bands need space to perform. For 4 or 5 piece bands, a space approximately 14 feet x 10 feet deep is sufficient. A raised stage can improve the overall impact of the performance, but this is not required. The venue should also provide safe power supply, preferable one on either side of the stage.

Food for the band

Your band will likely have traveled a great distance to perform for your event. It’s really important to give them a decent meal and drinks to ensure they have the energy they need to perform all night. As a general rule, bands should be provided hot meals at some point during the evening – either between set up and their first performance, or during their first break. Make a note to address the band’s requirements with the event organizer.


Upon booking, the band will require a small deposit payable by cheque to secure their act during your event. The remaining balance is payable in cash on the day of the performance.

Ideally, the best man or some other trusted person is given the task of paying the band. Paying the band at the start of the night is recommended, as you don't have to think about it later on when everyone’s tired and bidding goodbyes. This also helps save time and awkwardness, especially when the band is left looking for the person with the cheque. 

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