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Top 6 Entertainment Ideas for a Vintage-themed Party

Parties and formal gatherings will never be the same without following a particular theme and admittedly, vintage is the theme many organisers opt for.
Vintage-themed weddings have become popular not only because of the number of celebrities who surprised the world with their own version of rustic and shabby chic, but also because of the lower cost involved. With a little creativity and some time for DIY sessions, things for the ceremony and venue magically come to life.
Corporate functions have also joined the vintage bandwagon mainly because going too formal is considered passé. Vintage-themed gatherings also provide employees a chance to dress up as if they came from pin-up posters of the 1920s.
Looking at decades past and using them as inspiration can be a great way to keep the party unique and memorable. 
But what elements do you need to have a vintage-themed party? Whether for a wedding or a corporate gathering, here are great ideas to get you going.

1. Hire a jazz band or a good jazz singer.

Jazz has always been a hit in the '20s and '30s. One way to get that vintage feel is by having authentic jazz music at the party. Whether as background music or the main attraction, Jazz and blues artists such as the Smooth Jazz Duo, De Quorum and The Keystrings can provide the type of music you are looking for. If you want something a bit modern, Deux is a great choice. 
If you're more into vocals than acoustics, book a jazz singer/s. Professional jazz singers such as Cathie Rae can also complete the "vintage" experience.

2. Book lounge singers.

Aside from jazz and blues, the likes of Frank Sinatra's songs have once filled the airwaves. Lounge singers such as Marty Waugh, Al J., Amanda Lyon Duo and Brian Kellock can set a relaxing and soulful vibe at your party, enough to make you and your guests feel transported to another place and time.

3. Opt for tribute bands.

A tribute band is a music group that specifically plays the music of a popular act, sometimes one which has disbanded or is deceased. You can still hear your favorite songs from ABBA, The Beatles, or just about any favorite '70s band with tribute acts. Most are nearly as good as the original singers!

4. Book the services of a vintage DJ.

If you look hard enough, you can find a DJ who only focuses on the authentic sounds of yesteryears. They even come in a complete vintage-theme get up, armed with power vintage record players. There are also DJs for hire who can be very flexible with their songs, so all you need to do is to tell them what type of songs you want played.

5. Hire swing and tap dancers.

While your guests are enjoying the food, entertain them with the help of a group who can strut awesome dance moves from the 1920s. There are many impressive swing dancers that can liven up the dance floor and even inspire guests to head to the dance floor and show their hidden dancing prowess too.
While you're at it, you can also hire an exciting, lively 6-piece band that really swings. The Top Cats play an energetic mix of classic swing music from the '40s and '50s that are guaranteed to entertain crowds.

6. Have a Polaroid photo booth.

Way before the digital cameras, photographers had analog films and cameras. Polaroid photo booths is another way to provide your guests with a vintage feel. Hire a Polaroid photographer and have your photo printed in a matter of seconds -  with that original '80s look!

Other vintage-themed ideas:

Serve food in vintage trailers or carts.
Think popcorn, candies, nuts and chips. They'd look great when served in vintage trailers and carts, right? Aside from the entertainment, make sure your menu complements your theme. These elements make great additions to your vintage-themed party. 
Lastly, mind the decoration.
Having a vintage theme means taking your guests a step back into the past. What better way to do this than re-create the atmosphere with the right decor. There are actually different vintage styles depending on a specific era so before you start decorating, decide on what period you want first. There's the flappers during the roaring 1920s, the Boho-chic inspired 1960s and let's not forget the colourful, retro-disco in the '80s.

Looking for vintage-themed entertainment?

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