20 Jun 2016 Admin

Aberdeen Weddings: What You Need to Know

A dream wedding needs careful and tedious planning to become a reality, particularly when your dream wedding takes you to the historic locations of romantic Scotland. While you can get married virtually anywhere in this amazing country, you do need to do your research about the things you need to accomplish prior to the big day.


If you’re looking to tie the knot in Aberdeen, here are a few things you need to know:

1. Date and venue come first.

You’ll need to finalize your date and venue before you can make a marriage booking at the Registrar’s. This would entail actually checking to see if your preferred venue is available on your preferred date.

2. There are fees to pay.

Two things to consider here: who will conduct the ceremony, and where the ceremony will be conducted. Typically, if anyone other than a Registrar conducts the ceremony, the fee paid will be £70.

3. Documents vary per nationality.

The documents that the Registrar would require will depend on your nationality, and if you’ve been married before or not. Those who come from anywhere other than the UK would generally have more required documents than those who are from the UK.

4. Wedding bands and musicians are aplenty in Aberdeen.

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Music is a necessity in wedding celebrations, and for such a special day, you need to make sure you get only the best wedding band in Aberdeen to play for you.