31 Oct 2016 Admin

4 Reasons Why Edinburgh Should Be Your Wedding Destination of Choice

As Scotland’s capital city and its second most populated, Edinburgh is a perfect destination for weddings. Here’s why:

1. Ceremonies can be held practically anywhere.


This is true in most of Scotland, which would be to your benefit as you have the option to choose where you want to get married in. And this same rule applies to Edinburgh, as well!

2. A wide variety of wedding venues for all party sizes.

There are plenty of venues that are perfect for weddings in and near Edinburgh, from famed castles to contemporary sculpture parks and gardens. Whatever your dream wedding theme is, you can turn that into a reality in Scotland’s capital city.

3. There’s a healthy mix of history and culture.

Edinburgh is a vibrant city that brings together history and culture with its new hip image. It’s just all around a great place to be in, especially on a special day with your loved ones.

4. An abundance of wedding musicians.

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Being a world-class cosmopolitan city, Edinburgh has an abundance of wedding bands and singers to cater to your every wedding music needs. From showbands to soloists, and even ceilidh bands, you can find them all in Edinburgh.

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