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Top 12 Wedding Entertainment Disasters (And How to Avoid Them)

This Halloween season, there is nothing more frightening than having entertainment disasters on your wedding day. Picking the wrong flowers or the wrong menu may contribute to the failure of a wedding, but the one thing guests will certainly remember is being bored to death on your special day. 

This one guest is even sleeping! 
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Here are the fifteen common entertainment nightmares most engaged couples worry about. 

1. Guests aren't dancing 

An empty dance floor is one of the most depressing things to see on your wedding day. Weddings are one of those events wherein guests are expected to dance the night away. But most people are shy and are uncomfortable dancing. This is where your wedding band comes in. A great band performance can create an inviting atmosphere and get everyone out of their seats. For a foolproof option, book a ceilidh band for your wedding.

2. Your venue has bad acoustics 

Carefully choosing your setting is very important when hiring entertainment. Just because a place is really beautiful doesn't mean it would be a good wedding venue. Some venues have terrible acoustics, making it difficult for guests to hear what is spoken or played. Outdoor venues require extra considerations as there may be technical restrictions. 

3. The sound quality itself is bad


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When booking a band and paying for their services, you would expect them to be prepared and have quality sound equipment. Unfortunately, some bands do have great singers but have no idea what P.A. system brands to use or how to set them up. 

4. Of course, there’s the dreaded “No-Show” 

Wedding music is very vital to the success of any event but there are times when the band you booked either cancels on the day itself, or doesn't show up at all. This leaves you scrambling to contact every musician you know, or, as a last resort, rely on an iPod for your wedding music. 

5. Or the late arrival of the band 

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Sometimes, the wedding band does show up, but arrives later than the agreed time. A band that comes in late disrupts the mood and entire vibe of the event. This is often related to transportation issues. 

6. A wrong musician performs at your wedding 

Some venues hold 2 or 3 weddings simultaneously and have very identical function rooms. Sometimes, a different musician arrives and plays at your wedding. This is disappointing for the couple because the wedding music playlist becomes totally different from the one they planned out. 

7. The venue doesn't have enough power outlets 

Nothing says “ooops” quite like a wedding venue that doesn't have enough power outlets. It is important to make sure the venue has ample power for your wedding band’s equipment. 

8. The DJ plays an inappropriate song 

Aside from the obvious songs that include cursing, there are songs that shouldn't be played at weddings. For instance, “My Heart will Go On” by Celine Dion is a great classic, but it tells of moving on after a loved one died. Be sure that the DJ removes these songs from their repertoires and even their memory. For more offensive and wedding-inappropriate songs, check this list

9. Dead air during key moments 

Key moments include walking down the aisle and the couple’s first dances. If a band doesn't know the sequence of the program or know the necessary cues, there will be uncomfortable pauses during important parts of the wedding. This is also likely to happen if your musicians are inexperienced.


10. The wedding band sings off key 

Booking your wedding band based only on their video may lead to trouble. Singers who sing off key can improve the way they sound in the studio, making them sound great. But they're not really great in a live performance. It’s best to see your wedding band perform live before booking them.

Music for Scotland holds wedding band showcases to help interested couples take a look at the performance of their potential band. Showcases happen in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen.

11. Your band gets double booked 

This is one of the worst. Some wedding bands commit to performing on a particular date but later on discover that they are already booked for another client on the same day. This is why Plan B should always be prepared. 

12. The wedding musicians misbehave 

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A band member (or two) might show up either drunk, dressed inappropriately, or not in good terms with one another. This will leave a very bad impression. 

How to Avoid Wedding Entertainment Disasters 

Hire reliable entertainment professionals. 

When booking your entertainment through reliable entertainment agencies, you can be sure that there are transportation issues, no late comers, no misbehaving musicians, no major errors, and no crappy sound quality. 

Here at Music for Scotland, we offer great performance, high quality music, a whole lot of dancing, and for couples -  relaxed, peaceful minds. Our top performers know how to handle an audience and keep them entertained the whole time. We also offer a bespoke service which includes high quality sound, light, staging,and A.V. 

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Appoint a trusted person in charge of your wedding entertainment. 

Designating a close friend to liaise with your wedding entertainment takes things off your back. That person will be able to check the venue, follow-up with the band, give a copy of the wedding program to the band, and provide them with all the necessary information. 

Prepare for Plan B. 

When hiring entertainment professionals, there is only very little chance of a major disaster. But in the event that it does happen, you should be ready with an alternative. Contacting your musician friends or preparing your iPod playlist ahead of time wouldn't hurt. If your band fails to show up, at least you have tunes to entertain them.