21 Sep 2016 Admin

3 Scottish Traditions For Your Aberdeen Wedding

There’s a lot more to a Scottish wedding than just wearing a kilt! And in Aberdeen, they have fun and interesting wedding traditions that you might just want to include in your own wedding ceremony. 

Wedding Scramble

This is done just as the bride is about to step into the car after the wedding ceremony. The father of the bride throws down a handful of coins, and the children “scramble” to pick them up. This is thought to bring the newlyweds financial good luck.


This is a ritual that is done with much enthusiasm. Before the wedding day, the groom’s friends pounces upon him and strips him own to the waist before they “blacken” him using whatever substances that could do the job (typically soot, treacle, and feathers, among others). Afterwards, the groom is paraded throughout the town or village with as much accompanying noise as possible so more attention could be drawn to the groom in his embarrassing state. This ritual is said to be a reminder that future marital problems will never seem nearly as bad the Blackening.

Lang Real

Originating from the northeast parts of Scotland, this wedding dance was common among fishing villages. Now, the lang reel is danced at the wedding reception, where the couple leads the dancing, with guests joining in afterwards and the dancing goes on and on throughout the rest of the night.

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