19 May 2017 Admin

Ideas for a Summer Wedding in Edinburgh

The Scottish capital is also a great place for wedding ceremonies. If you’re planning a summer wedding in Edinburgh, here are some ideas you may want to consider:

Outdoor celebrations

Enjoy summer in Edinburgh more by taking your wedding celebrations outdoors. You can even plan some games that everyone can participate in and enjoy, including welly-throwing and other more traditional Scottish games.

Dried Scottish wildflowers

You can do a lot of things with wildflowers - make a bouquet, use them in your decorations, or even add them to your invitations. Take it up a notch and use dried Sottish wildflowers to use as gifts that guests can take home after the wedding celebrations have ended. You can even use them as a flower crown for your flower girls or bridesmaids. Do make sure you don’t pick wildflowers that are of a protected species, though.

Fresh berries

Berries thrive in the cooler summers of Scotland, which is also, incidentally, the main producer of such fruits in the United Kingdom. Consider picking your own fruits, and using them in your wedding breakfast or cake for your big day.

In need of summer wedding entertainment?

How about hiring the services of an experienced wedding band? At Music for Scotland, you can find an extensive roster of entertainers to suit every style of wedding music you’d like for your big day. Contact them today for more information.


Photos from: Driedflowercraft.co.uk, Candy-cupcake.blogspot.com