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Seven Ways to Properly Handle Kids in Your Wedding

Managing Kids at Your Wedding - A Stress-Free Guide


Many couples prefer to host adult-only weddings to ensure a smooth and stress-free occasion. However, unless your wedding is an ultra-formal affair, you might find a few little ones among your guests. To ensure that children don't disrupt your special day, here are seven valuable tips to follow.


1. Define Your Guest List Inclusions


Not everyone on your guest list should automatically include their children. While it may feel uncomfortable to exclude someone else's kids, it's perfectly acceptable to limit the invitation to immediate family and close friends. Make it clear on the invitations which children are invited to avoid misunderstandings. If someone RSVPs with their kids, a polite call explaining your guest list parameters may be necessary.

2. Assist Parents with Planning


Some parents might want to attend without their young children but can't due to childcare concerns. To help them plan, share the event's itinerary ahead of time. This gesture will enable parents to manage their children's schedules effectively, ensuring that the event doesn't interfere with naptime or potty breaks.

3. Assign Responsibilities to Kids


Children can easily get restless during long ceremonies and receptions. To keep them engaged, consider assigning them roles during the wedding. Close family members or friends can be flower girls or ring bearers. For other children, provide lighter responsibilities such as handing out wedding programs or party favors. This makes them feel valued and involved.

4. Keep Kids Separated


Even the most well-behaved kids can become restless or cranky as the day progresses. To prevent disruptions and allow adults to enjoy the party, designate a quiet room for napping and provide a separate playroom with movies, toys, and snacks, supervised by a babysitter.

5. Provide Distractions


If separate rooms aren't available, seat children with their parents instead of grouping them together. Alternatively, set up activity tables within the reception area with non-messy crafts, toys, and board games. Activity sheets and crayons can also keep children entertained.

6. Offer Kid-Friendly Meals


When planning your reception menu, don't forget the little ones. Check if your caterer offers a kid-friendly menu and ensure it's available during the reception. You can opt for simple options like fries and chicken fingers. For dessert, consider cupcakes and a make-your-own sundae bar. Remember to inquire about any food allergies among the children to ensure their safety.

7.  Hire a Live Wedding Band and Entertainer


A live wedding band and / or entertainers can play a significant role in entertaining kids at a wedding by incorporating child-friendly elements into their performance. Here are several ways in which a wedding band can help keep kids entertained:

  • Interactive Performances: A versatile wedding band can engage kids by involving them in the performance. They can invite kids to sing along, dance, or even play simple instruments during certain songs.


  • Kid-Friendly Music Selection: Incorporate children's songs or popular tunes that kids love into the band's setlist. This can encourage kids to join in the dancing and singing.


  • Musical Games: The band can organize fun musical games or challenges for the kids, such as musical chairs, dance-offs, or name-that-tune contests, during breaks or intermissions.


  • Dedicated Kids' Set: Plan a special segment during the band's performance that is specifically designed for kids. This can include sing-alongs, storytelling through music, or even a mini-concert just for the young guests.


  • Interactive Visuals: Utilize visuals like colorful lighting, projections, or a dance floor with LED effects that are captivating for children. This can enhance the overall entertainment experience.


  • Costumes and Props: Bands can wear costumes or use props that resonate with kids' interests. For example, dressing up as their favorite characters or using props related to a popular children's show can create excitement.


  • Incorporate Magic or Circus Acts: Collaborate with entertainers who specialize in magic tricks, balloon animals, or circus acts to perform alongside the band. This adds an extra layer of entertainment for kids.


  • Childcare Services: If budget allows, consider hiring professional childcare services during the wedding. While the band performs, these experts can engage kids in age-appropriate activities and games in a designated area.


  • Provide Kid-Friendly Snacks: Offer a selection of kid-friendly snacks and refreshments, such as popcorn, cotton candy, or a candy bar, to keep their energy up during the reception.


  • Designated Kid's Zone: Create a designated area at the wedding venue where kids can have their own space with activities like coloring books, puzzles, or video games, and where the band occasionally performs for them.


  • Educational Entertainment: Consider integrating educational elements into the entertainment, such as a mini music lesson or a brief introduction to various instruments in the band.


  • Themed Performances: If the wedding has a specific theme, the band can adapt their performance accordingly, making it more enjoyable for kids who are enthusiastic about that theme.

By working closely with the wedding band and sharing your expectations for including kids in the festivities, you can create a memorable and enjoyable experience for both adults and children at your wedding.


8. Don't Overthink It


While the thought of having children at your wedding might be daunting, remember that children will be children. Embrace the possibility of some unexpected, heartwarming moments they can bring to your special day. If you truly prefer an adult-only affair, communicate this politely to your guests in advance so parents can make childcare arrangements.