18 Mar 2019 Admin

Best Wedding Bands in Scotland: Spotlight of Porkpie

Choosing your wedding or event entertainment is probably the most important decision you’ll make about your wedding day or special occasion and it’s pretty tough to choose from all the great talent out there.  Never fear, Music for Scotland, one of the largest and most experienced suppliers of live entertainment for weddings, corporate entertainment and private parties in Scotland, have you covered.  We’ll bring you a spotlight on our bands each month to give you an insight into the people behind the instruments so that you can find your perfect match, not just through music but personality!

This week, we chat to Porkpie - an 8-piece group who are now one of the most respected big bands.  They’ve performed at major international venues all around the globe, appearing at coveted events such as international award ceremonies, major global corporate functions and media covered celebrity events and weddings.  Read on to find out what makes them tick and what makes them one of the best bands out there!

Describe your band in 3 words


Energetic, Fun and Engaging!! 


What made you get into music?


I have been into music since I performed in school plays from the age of 10.  My first play was Bugsy Malone where I had a lead role and there was a lot of singing with that part. I then started to learn some basic chords on the guitar so that I could sing and I have been in bands and singing ever since


What are your hobbies?


I love listening to all kinds of music Ska, Reggae, Pop, Indie,  Country Music I like all sorts and even some of the corny stuff as well


How many events have you played at?


Well, I have been singing in bands since I was 21 so I would say well over 1500 gigs over the years!  It’s a lot, I know, and I still play every weekend ..ha ha !


What is the most difficult song to play and why?


As a singer it’s obviously the songs that are on the higher keys - you have to be mindful that if you change the key it can really change the song so, where I can, I try to sing it in the original key. Bob Marley’s ‘Could You Be Loved’ might sound very high but all of his songs are in a higher key.  Generally, they can be quite difficult to sing - but they’re worth the effort as they’re so well written


What is the most memorable venue you’ve performed at and why?


We’ve performed at Hogmanay on Princes Street in Edinburgh so that was very special.  We also played at the 50th anniversary of the Forth Road Bridge - on a stage right next to the bridge - in front of 10,000 people so that was pretty cool as well


What’s the best song/piece of music ever and why?

“Imagine” by John Lennon is pretty special


What’s your favorite part of a wedding?


The buffet …haha only kidding.


I think after the buffet is when the crowd really gets going.  They’ve had a few drinks, are in good spirits and usually up for a dance


What advice would you give anyone looking for a band for a wedding/event?


To keep in mind that there has to be something for everyone due to the eclectic mix of people.  Although, I also respect that for a couple, it’s their big day and if they want a certain type of music … this may be the one and only time where they have ultimate control


What are your rehearsals like?


They’re generally quite good as we get excited to learn new material... As long as all the band members have done their homework before coming along!!


Do you have any claims to fame?


Roddy Radiation, the guitar player from The Specials, played a full set with us


What was the funniest thing to happen to you at a gig?

My trousers split at the back when I did Hogmanay in Edinburgh and it was being filmed by the BBC…


What’s the best way to motivate a shy crowd?

Plenty of vocal encouragement and also getting a member of the audience up to dance/sing is always a good one


Do you have any signature dance moves?

I can do The Macarena!!!

So there you go folks - Porkpie! Always prepared, whether it’s with a spare pair of trousers or the highest quality musicians and equipment!  Porkpie have an impeccable reputation and truly love what they do - that passion shows in each of their performances and they’re well equipped to keep your guests talking about your epic wedding or event entertainment for years to come!  Listen to them now, here or get in touch to find out more or book now!