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Music for Scotland Supplier Feature – Honey and Violet Weddings

Top tips from the industries leading bridal hair and makeup specialists - Honey and Violet Weddings 


Beginning to plan your wedding – a day you’ve likely dreamed of for many years – can often feel a bit like you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole.  Where will you have your special day?  Will there be a theme?  What colour scheme should we go for?  Who should we pick as our suppliers?

In our experience, the most efficient tool you have at your disposal during these early stages is social media, in particular Instagram and Pintrest. This will guide you through what you do and don’t like, elements you may like to include or personalise, and lead you to source those ever-important suppliers to make your vision come true.  One of the most daunting choices you, as a bride, will have to make is
who you entrust to style you and your bride tribe. After all, you and the people closest to you who you’ve chosen to stand with you as you say ‘I do’ are the main players when it comes to photographs memorialising your day... aside from your significant other that is!

At Honey and Violet Weddings, our bridal specialists strive to have you not just looking but feeling your best. We value your natural beauty and features and want to highlight them. We believe in soft and accentuating when it comes to make-up, and marrying a hairstyle that suits your dress and the overall vibe of your wedding. This approach ensures that in ten or twenty years’ time when you’re looking back at your photographs and the precious moments that made your day so special, you recognise yourself, and your unique style, and nothing feels out of place. We endeavour to create a look as timeless and classic as you are.

Ahead of the big day, it’s important to carve out time for yourself.  Preparation isn’t just planning every single last detail of the day out;  it’s also making sure you are physically and mentally thriving. Two
components you should never underestimate are your skincare and brow maintenance. This coupled with a balanced lifestyle in which every aspect of your wellbeing is taken care of can contribute exponentially to how you look and most importantly how you feel. We encourage regular facial appointments with quality products, ideally beginning a year prior to your wedding. These can take place once a month or however frequently your therapist recommends for you and your skin needs, so when it comes to the day you’ve been dreaming of your skin is in its most perfect condition. This provides a flawless base for your makeup artist to work with and will ensure the products used on the day are used to their full potential.

We don’t often think about how much our brows influence our face or how much they contribute to how we look, however after a few regular appointments with your technician this will become a point of pride you wish you started earlier. If you’re blessed with full brows you may wish to opt for just a tidy-up, or if you have sparser brows exploring the benefits of henna may be worthwhile. Lamination has become
overwhelmingly popular in recent times, and although you may associate this treatment with big, fluffy eyebrows don’t let this put you off trying it. Your technician will start your first appointment off with a
consultation in which you can describe your preference. Lamination is perfect for creating a natural, fuller look that can be styled to fit what you want to achieve. We also highly recommend castor oil and biotin products to keep your hair nourished and healthy. We have recently crafted our very own Nourishing Brow Oil jam-packed with these hair and skin-loving ingredients, along with a couple of other secrets that will encourage optimal growth and strength.

One thing you should always look out for when deciding who you want to style your hair and make-up is their portfolio. Are they familiar with the style you’re drawn to? Are they well versed in styling different
hair types? Can they work masterfully with hair accessories whether it's fresh florals for a boho vibe or a veil for a classic bridal look? Hair and make-up artists in the industry for the most part will offer bridal trials with their clients ahead of the wedding. We usually recommend these take place around two to three months prior to your date, at which point the bigger details such as theme, dress, and accessories are taken care of or have at least been considered. The trial is a crucial part of the process, especially for those of us who are indecisive, and ideally, your specialists will book out enough time for you to try a couple of hairstyles or alter your makeup if you wish so it’s perfect. Honey and Violet brides are booked in for no less than three and a half hours and those who are booked for our combined package have each of their trials done consecutively so you can really envisage how you will look on your special day.

Clients often ask for our number one piece of advice, the rule to live by throughout the process, and honestly, we firmly believe the most important thing is that you and your partner enjoy every minute of the run-up and planning stage. Your wedding day will come together one way or another, industry suppliers care deeply about their clients and will oftentimes go above and beyond prior to and on the day, ensuring everything down to the last detail is taken care of. The day you’ve been
waiting for will pass in a fantastical flash of joy, laughter, and champagne. So, try not to worry too much about the little details in the run-up and just have fun!