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DJ or Band: Which is the Best Choice for Your Wedding?

The musical performers you choose to entertain guests at your wedding can either keep the dance floor packed and happy, or leave people glued to their seats while cringing.

Researching the top DJs or wedding bands can help you weed out the duds, but how do you choose between a talented live band or an upbeat DJ to play your favorite tunes on your big day? You need to consider the available space at your venue, your entertainment budget, the type of vibe you desire, and your own personal taste to make the best decision.  


Marrying your sweetheart in a small, intimate location may leave you with very little space for an entire band. Before you set your heart on twirling around the dance floor to your favorite “Rat Pack” cover band, you should visit the venue and determine how much room is available for the band to set-up. You will also need to consider the availability of electrical outlets and any possible noise limitations set up by the venue or the city where you are having the wedding. Both live bands and DJs have the ability to control their volume, and nearly all bands and DJs will require electricity to run their equipment. An outdoor venue with no electrical outlets may require you to look into hiring an acoustic band.  


Generally speaking, bands cost more than DJs. That being said, there are always exceptions to this rule. Celebrity DJs can cost quite a bit more than a 3-4 person band, but a 12-person band can easily cost more than a local DJ. You can always stretch your budget a little bit more by holding your wedding on a weekday because most entertainers implement a higher charge on weekends.  


The music at your wedding can really set the mood for the entire event. If you want something upbeat and funky, you need to select a band whose sound reflects that. Looking for a swinging Big Band style sound? Opt for a live band specializing in that genre. If your wedding is going to be more trendy, and you want to play the latest hits in a recognizable manner, consider hiring a DJ who is familiar with the Top 40 hits. Bands can put their own spin on songs--for better or worse--which can make guests get up and dance or cringe in their seats. DJs have a ton of songs at their fingertips, making it easy for them to change up the tempo to get more bodies on the dance floor.  

Personal Taste  

Ultimately, you need to choose an entertainer who meets your needs. Always look for a DJ or band willing to adhere to your playlist (and your “do not play” list). You should meet with your entertainer at least once prior to your wedding day to discuss song choices for the important dances as well as the overall theme you want to maintain throughout the wedding. Have an adverse reaction to the “Macarena” or the “Chicken Dance?” Make sure your band or DJ knows not to play those.  

DJ Pros

1. Can download and play almost any song imaginable.
2. Have the ability to change up the music style and tempo depending on the crowd’s reaction--even in the middle of a song.
3. Usually less expensive than a band.  

DJ Cons  

1. Can’t play their own rendition of a song.
2. A long-winded DJ or one with a crummy attitude can ruin the atmosphere.
3. Not as intimate as a band.  

Band Pros  

1. Can create their own covers of classic songs to put a new spin on an old favorite, making it fit with your theme.
2. Make a more personal and interactive connection by personalizing songs and engaging with guests.
3. Offer an eye-catching, live show for those who might not prefer to dance.

Band Cons  

1. More expensive than a DJ.
2. Usually unlikely to take requests outwith their repertoire.
3. Less likely to perform hours of current chart hits, and more likely to play songs spanning the decades
Planning a wedding is a daunting task, but there’s no doubt your choice of entertainment can make or break your big day. A personalized twist on every element of the wedding--from the favors to the entertainment to the centerpieces--will ensure your special day is a one-of-a-kind, memorable experience for you and your guests. For an extra special touch, personalize your wedding rings with help from the talented jewelers in the customization department at Brilliance.com for an eye-catching flash as you twirl across the dance floor.

The article above was written by Shai Barel of Brilliance.com