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How to Ensure Your Wedding Day Look Lasts All Day Long

You’ve researched your wedding day look; you’ve had multiple dress fittings; you’ve done trials for your makeup and hair and finally, your perfect, wedding day vision is a reality. But how do you make your wedding look last on the day?

You’ll have endless photographs taken throughout the day and you want to look as fresh at the end of your wedding day as at the beginning right? But from panic pimples, unplanned torrential pour downs, and skin that won’t behave for long enough to keep your makeup flawless all day, how do you plan for all of these eventualities?

We’ve got your plan for picture-perfect looks that will last all day long, to make sure you look as gorgeous from walking down the aisle to kicking off your dancing shoes at the end of the day.

Preparation is key



Think of your skin like a blank canvas - you need to prepare your it before you apply your perfect makeup.  That's only if you want your look to last all day that is. Whether you’re getting your makeup applied professionally or doing it yourself, you need to make sure that your skin will play along and not make application and stayability difficult on the day.

To achieve the perfect canvas for your makeup, you need to start prepping your skin months before the wedding day. Yes, that’s right. Months. Facials should be included in your wedding planning checklist - if you have the luxury of being able to afford professional treatments, book these in once a month for at least 3 months leading up to your big day. Your beautician will be able to recommend which treatments would benefit your skin type most. If you don’t have the spare funds to afford regular treatments, no problem, there are plenty of affordable ways to make sure your skin is in tip-top condition ahead of the wedding. Do your research and get advice if in doubt.

And we’re not just talking to brides-to-be here - grooms, listen up; you don’t have the benefit of makeup to cover any imperfections so a robust skincare routine is equally important for you. You know what they say “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” so approach your skincare routine as seriously as you approach all of the other items on your to-do list and you’ll be glowing in time for your big day.

Keep it natural


Your other half proposed to you because they love you for who you are. It is highly advisable, therefore, to avoid the temptation to completely change up your look for your wedding day. Social media is full of unbelievable transformations where the person looks nothing like their real self, having applied layers and layers of makeup to their face to achieve their desired image. But, unless you want to walk down that aisle to your bemused-looking other half who doesn’t recognise the woman he’s about to marry, keep it natural. Equally, remember that you’ll be rocking your look for 12 hours or so, so you need to feel comfortable with the makeup that’s been applied. You don’t want to be wrestling with fake eyelashes that have come loose, or lipstick that manages to get everywhere and refuses to stay in place. You don’t want to be panicking about that first kiss as a married couple because you’re worried that your partner will have half your makeup smeared all over their face. Choose your makeup products carefully and try to keep in mind how high/low maintenance they’ll be on the day.

Contrary to current trends, makeup is designed to enhance what you’ve got not alter your general appearance. Work with what you’ve been given and you’re sure to look stunning.

Make it permanent


One increasingly popular solution to ensure your look’s stay-ability would be to opt for semi-permanent makeup. Eyebrows, lip blush, and eyeliner can all be applied through micro pigmentation so that your makeup is perfect, not just for your wedding day but for your honeymoon and beyond.

Semi-permanent make-up can last up to 2 years with proper care so your look could look fresh and perfect for your first 2 anniversaries as well! A word of warning though - if you choose to go down this route you will need to do it at least 3 months before the big day. The healing process is lengthy and you will need a top-up appointment after the initial application so make sure you’re leaving plenty of time for your skin to recover and achieve your final, flawless look.

Practice Makes Perfect


As with anything, practice makes perfect. It is not advisable to leave the decision on your preferred wedding look - your hair, your face and your final outfit/accessories - until the last minute. Do several trials run for your makeup and hairstyle, making sure that the look you’ve gone for doesn’t just look incredible, but will also stand the test of the day.

If you’ve gone for an outdoor wedding in Scotland for example, be realistic - weather of some description will be happening - so having your hair down may not be the best option. Opt for an updo or something that keeps your hair out of your face and wear your chosen style a couple of times before the big day to see if any adjustments need to be made.

Everybody’s hair is different so what works for one bride may not work for another. Similarly, make sure your makeup is of good quality and is applied in thin layers - this will help it last longer and not flake/run as the day goes on. Waterproof mascara is also a must - panda eyes are not a good look on any occasion.

Your body is a temple


We’ve all heard the saying “beauty starts from within” well, it’s true. What you choose to put into your body in advance of your wedding day will have a direct effect on how good you look on the day and how easy/difficult it will be to achieve your dream image. Lay off the sugar ahead of the big day to avoid pimples and make sure you’re drinking plenty of water to achieve that much-coveted bridal glow. Avoid anything that will make you feel bloated and uncomfortable. Get into good habits as soon as you start planning your wedding and you’ll not only look great but feel great too.

Expect the unexpected



Accidents happen. No matter how hard you try and keep your pristine white dress clean throughout the day, things can go wrong. Yours truly, for example, dragged her 2-meter white train and veil through a puddle of red wine, unknowingly spilled by an overexcited guest. The panic was real. Fortunately, the staff at the venue were a dab hand at making unsightly stains vanish and after a quick trip to their laundry room, any signs of damage had been removed. Phew.

If however, you don’t have magic events staff to hand, plan ahead and be prepared for all eventualities yourself. Get your bridesmaids to come equipped with the emergency kit every bride should have in her arsenal in case of spillages or stains:

- Baby powder for absorbing stains
- White towels/kitchen towels
- Stain remover stick/wipes or spray
- Cotton swabs
- Rubbing alcohol
- Sewing kit with safety pins

Of course, the easiest way to avoid stains is to stay away from things that can cause them! Stick to white wine or champagne, don’t choose food that can easily splatter all over your dress, and avoid makeup transfer by either stepping into your dress or putting a white cloth over your face while you put the dress on. But, if the worst has happened, try these simple solutions to the most likely stains.

Type of stain and solution:


Use your stain-removing solution (be it wipes, spray or stick) and gently dab at the stain - always start from the edge and work your way into the center otherwise you’ll just spread the stain further. If there’s any left, use some baby powder to cover up the rest of the stain before you can get the dress professionally cleaned.

Red Wine and Food Stains

Dab the stain with white towels asap to get rid of as much of the stain as possible, then use a clean white cloth/towel dipped in warm water to blot from the edge to the center of the stain. Use the baby powder to cover anything that’s left


Now, we’re not sure why you would have blood on your wedding dress but assuming the stain wasn’t as a result of anything sinister (a nosebleed say, or a paper cut) try and get it out with a clean cloth - as above - and if that doesn’t work Martha Stewart recommends to combine water, ammonia, peroxide and dish soap and put a clean, absorbent towel/cloth underneath the stain. Dab the stain, pushing it through the cloth underneath, and hey presto the stain should come out. All the ingredients should be standard fare in a commercial kitchen so don’t panic about having to lug ammonia and peroxide around with you on the day.

Grass Stains

We cannot stress this enough. STEP AWAY FROM THE GRASS STAIN! You will not be able to get it out yourself, and it’s likely you’ll do more harm than good so leave it to the professionals. You’re most likely to get grass stains on the bottom of your dress where you won't see them anyway so don’t panic and leave well alone.

As with anything, perfection takes time and if you want to look perfect for the whole of your wedding day you need to plan ahead. Build up your beauty routine from the minute you start planning your wedding and treat your health and beauty schedule as seriously as you do the booking of the venue, wedding band, caterers etc. Unfortunately, few - if any - people have the luxury of waking up in the morning looking flawless, and, with the added stress that planning a wedding inevitably brings, you’ll need to take a no-nonsense approach to your beauty routine and be prepared for the unexpected mini-disasters on the day. Plan ahead and your wedding day look will be perfect from start to finish.