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How to Plan The Ultimate Engagement

We don’t just have the best wedding bands Scotland has to offer and know the wedding industry inside out, we’ve been around happy couples long enough to know how to pull off a cracking engagement as well.


It’s engagement season and at Music For Scotland we’re so excited for you. What a perfect way to end this bum-note of a year on a high and leap into the new year as an engaged couple. Let’s face it, you’ve survived a global pandemic and months (and months and months) of lockdown together so with any luck you’ve got the “for worse” bit of the vows out of the way and have paved the way to the “for better” part.

Now comes the exciting bit. After what seems like a lifetime of not being able to plan...well… anything, for fear of it getting cancelled as Covid restrictions kept getting tightened, you get to plan one of the best moments of your life. So read on to make sure you’ve covered all the bases for your perfect proposal.

1. Choose the best wedding band (the ring that is)


Yes, we do have some of the best wedding bands in Edinburgh, Glasgow and across Scotland but we have to admit that we have limitations. We don’t do the other, rather important, type of wedding band. Fortunately, we know some great companies who do. Keep it Scottish, support local businesses and have a look at our list of some of Scotland’s top jewellers.

The Tappit Hen - an Edinburgh establishment and founded by one of the first female entrepreneurs in Scotland, this jewellery focuses on Scottish designs and has an incredible selection of Celtic-inspired wedding bands and engagement rings to suit every taste.

Shetland Jewellery - Based in the northernmost part of Scotland, Shetland jewellery was established in 1953 and was originally known as Shetland’s Silvercraft. Each piece of jewellery is beautifully handcrafted and has a lifetime guarantee.

Blair and Sheridan - For bespoke wedding bands in Glasgow have a look at Blair and Sheridan, based in Kelvinbridge. With conflict-free, 100% natural diamonds a guarantee, the designs are truly exceptional and simply stunning.

Unless your proposal is spontaneous - which is a risky strategy - you should always have the ring to seal the deal at the time of popping the big question, otherwise, it’ll feel a bit like finishing a sentence without a full stop. If you’re worried about getting the ring right, just have a look at the sort of jewellery your partner usually wears and you should get a good idea of their taste.

2. It’s all about you


Yes, we’ve all seen the countless films with wedding proposals that show everything from skywriting, getting down on one knee on an exotic beach, romantic restaurants, iconic landmarks (Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, Space Needle etc etc etc). But ultimately, if none of these reflects you as a couple it will feel a bit...uncomfortable and disingenuous. If your other half hates attention for example, suddenly dropping to one knee in the middle of a packed restaurant will not go down well. So make sure your proposal suits both of you. What are the most important elements in your lives? Do you love dogs for example? Then recruit your best pal to deliver the ring on his collar. Do you live for the great outdoors? Take a hike up your favourite trail and get a clear head for the biggest question of your life. Or don’t leave the house - home is where the heart is after all - and propose with your morning coffee. It’s all about the two of you after all so don’t be swayed into a proposal that belongs to someone else.

3. Don’t over-plan


Fail to prepare, prepare to fail but don’t overdo it. Your proposal should still feel natural and if you over-engineer it, you’re at risk of making it sound a little fake and robotic. Have an idea of what you want to say, for sure, but don’t write down a speech - you’re not delivering a presidential address you’re telling the love of your life how you feel and why you want to get married to them and them alone. Speak from the heart and everything else should fall into place.

4. Choose how to capture it


You will remember this moment for your whole life, but have a think about whether or not you want to capture it another way too. Do you want to hire a photographer or recruit your friends as cinematographers? Or you might just be able to hide your phone to capture the moment yourself. If organising a full cinematographic experience, however, just be sure you know your other half will say yes for sure. Otherwise, the best moment of your life will turn into a fully chronicled worst moment… Which brings us on to... 

5. Make sure you’ll get a "Yes"!



If you haven’t ever discussed marriage, or your future in general, and go ahead and spring a proposal out of nowhere, it may not go down well. Not all surprises are good but if you want to keep your intentions a secret have the conversation in a roundabout way. Chat about your friends’ relationships, or recent engagements in the family in general terms and get the sense of whether you’re on the same page. A failed proposal is embarrassing and traumatic for everyone involved and best avoided at all costs.

However you choose to do it, we’d like to offer you our heartfelt congratulations for when the happy “Yes!” moment comes. And remember to book your wedding venue and wedding entertainment asap to avoid disappointment - there have been a lot of postponements and date changes this year so dates in the diary are filling up fast.  We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

A very merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at Music For Scotland - we wish you only the best for 2021.