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Live Happily Ever After: Tips For Newly Weds

Getting married is considered a major milestone in one’s life. Walking down the aisle and tying the knot with that one very special person that you truly love is a dream come true for most women. But of course, this is just the beginning of a very long and worthwhile journey that will be jointly taken by the bride and groom.

Every marriage is sure to have its fair share of ups and downs, and both parties must do their part in finding and sustaining happiness in their married life. Here are a few important tips that would surely help newlyweds to adjust and cope with married life.

1. Come as you are

In love, we take everything in --- the good, the bad, and the unknown. Marriage is a tie that binds two people for life, and you should marry someone who loves you and accepts you as a total package -- your strengths and your weaknesses, including your flaws. This way, expectations are managed and you won’t find yourself looking for something or someone, or having expectations that are virtually impossible for your partner to meet.

2. Prioritize your partner

People who are deeply in love tend to make their partners the center of their universe. Of course, that feeling is impossible to sustain forever, given the numerous things that one has to manage over the course of time. Part of marriage is the commitment to share your life with your partner, so do not let him slide to the bottom of your priority list. In your own little ways, you should make it a point to make your partner feel significant.

3. Respect each other at all times

Arguments are sure to arise from time to time. Sometimes, people tend to let their emotions get the better of them which sometimes leads to unpleasant encounters. All couples must keep in mind that no matter how tough the situation is, they must be respectful even while resolving conflicts in the relationship.

4. Openly communicate with each other at all times

Communication plays a role of paramount importance in any relationship, regardless if it is romantic in nature or not. Keeping communication lines open is vital, since it would enable both parties to freely express their feelings, thoughts, wants, and needs in a straightforward manner.  

5. Give each other enough personal space

Marriage binds two people into one, but you must always keep in mind that a couple is still composed of two unique individuals with different wants and needs. Each deserves time and space to be spent alone with each feelings, thoughts, and ideas respected and valued. Ample enough space must be given to one another, so as not to let your partner feel smothered.

6. Agree to Disagree

Since each individual has unique preferences and personal choices, couples must keep in mind that disagreements are sure to arise from time to time and are inevitable. The critical factor in every disagreement is how it will be handled. As mentioned, couples must communicate openly with utmost respect for one another especially when they are not on the same page about a certain thing.

7. Know what makes each other happy

Couples must make it a point to discover what makes each other happy and do these often. Doesn’t matter if it is big or small, as long as the effort is exerted, this would be enough to make your partner feel special and valued.

8. Maintain physical intimacy

Men and women have different sets of standards and expectations when it comes to physical intimacy. Both husband and wife must always be mindful of one another’s needs, and meet halfway to be able to fulfil these needs. Having children somehow lessens a couple’s time to maintain the level of physical intimacy that they had when they were newlyweds but physical relationship must still be regarded as a priority.

9. Never lose the fine art of dating

Just like having enough personal space, having a romantic time with one another also plays an important role in sustaining happiness in a relationship. Lots of responsibilities will make you feel exhausted and have less romance in your relationship, but you should not let the passion fade away because this would be the glue that can hold your marriage intact, especially during difficult times.

10. Always make time for free time

All work and no play will surely make Jack a dull husband and Jill a dull wife. In spite of the busy day-to-day schedule, you must make time for simply sitting back and relaxing as a couple, or with your children in order to avoid burnout and to get more fun out of your marriage.

A successful marriage is built on a solid foundation of love, trust, and selflessness. Couples decide to get married for a reason. And when the going gets tough, you must always remember those reasons which led to your decision to spend the rest of your life and grow old together. Follow these tips and you will find your own “happily ever after” ending.

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