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Looking for a Wedding Band in Edinburgh? Spotlight on The Stylists

In advance of the Wedding Showcase (happening TOMORROW at 7.30pm - 10.30pm at The Voodoo Rooms folks!) we thought we’d introduce you to one of the featured bands.  The Stylists are one of our most in-demand bands, playing weddings and events across Scotland.  Check out our interview with them and find out about the people behind the band!



1.Describe your band in 3 words

Chris: Professional, Polished and Powerful


Ann-Marie: Energetic, Contemporary, Fun


Luke: Talented, Experienced, Energetic


2. What made you get into music?

Chris: The love of music and my continued passion for music made and make me want to play


Ann-Marie: I’d say it’s in my blood! My parents have always loved music and used to play when they were younger. My 4 siblings and I have followed in their footsteps and all 5 children can either play at least one instrument and/or sing.  In fact, many comment that we should form a band of our own!  But I have to say I first really got into music when I volunteered with a young group of teens for charity, I was 13 years old at the time. We organised events ourselves and performed as a band at these events. We ended up forming a band and that’s when I came to really love performing, singing and playing


Luke: I grew up around it and saw how happy it makes people


3. What are your hobbies and do they inspire your music?

Chris: I don’t have much time for hobbies as I write, record and perform with several bands!


Ann-Marie: Being creative...  I love to read and watch movies; I enjoy art, whether it be creating it myself i.e. paintings or drawings, or visiting art galleries with friends and I love writing songs.  Also, volunteering for my local church (charity) is a big part of my life as well as running a Production team. This includes many teams; Sound, Media, Lights, 2 bands and decorations for big events


Luke: Travel of course! How many songs are there about travelling!?


4. How many events have you played at?


Chris: Far too many to even count. I have been performing for a long time!


Ann-Marie: Millions…. I’m not sure about a specific number.  I’ve been working as a professional musician for 4½ - 5 years now, which has meant multiple gigs for almost all 52 weeks in the year.  During this time, I’ve played numerous gigs around Scotland and many more when I traveled to Australia and the US


Luke: Countless


5.  What’s the most difficult song to play and why?


Chris: Bohemian Rhapsody. Most songs by Queen are difficult as they have so much going on


Ann-Marie: Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ - I love singing this song, but I do have to really focus on what I am singing in order to do her justice! She is such a powerful singer (legend), especially on some of those high notes, so I always like to challenge myself with this one


Luke: Daft Punk’s Get Lucky: because it’s too repetitive and you can lose your place!


6. The most memorable venue you’ve performed at and why?


Chris: Glasgow Barrowlands. I’ve seen so many incredible bands at the venue, it was a dream and a goal to play there in front of 2000 people


Ann-Marie: A Skate Part. It was a fun gig with a number of bands performing


Luke: National History Museum. Cause we were Makin’ history!


7. Best song / piece of music ever and why?


Chris: That’s a really difficult one but it would be something by Paul McCartney because in my opinion he is the greatest songwriter in history. I love Penny Lane or The Long and Winding Road


Ann-Marie: There are just too many great songs to choose one! My favourite song always changes...But at the moment, I like some of the songs from the film ‘A Star is Born’, for example; ‘Black Eyes’, ‘Diggin’ My Grave’ and even ‘Shallow’. I also love the bands ‘Hillsong’ & ‘Bethel’ - I’m not able to pick just one song (or even band it seems)! I generally just love music, love listening to it, love playing it. No matter the song


Luke: Bohemian Rhapsody. Pretty cliche answer but I guess it’s one a lot of people agree on


8. What’s your favourite part of a wedding?


Chris: The buffet (haha!)


Ann-Marie: My favourite part of the wedding is the end of the night when all of the guests encircle the couple during Loch Lomond and celebrate with them. It’s so nice to see family and friends come together so happy and excited for the newly-weds!


Luke: The buffet!


9. What music-related advice would you give anyone looking for a band for a wedding / event?


Chris: It’s all about perceptions so people will like what they like but I’d say look for a band with great energy and charisma


Ann-Marie: I would advise you to not just listen to the lead vocals but the entire band before deciding. Although it may be an amazing singer fronting the band, you want to make sure the entire band is sounding good - so make sure you listen to what the instruments are playing as well


Luke: Get a band that has energy and doesn’t take themselves too seriously


10. What are your rehearsals generally like?


Chris: Fun and relaxed, with lots of coffee


Ann-Marie: There is always a lot of banter during our rehearsals! Of course, we always make sure to rehearse songs properly, however that doesn’t stop us from having a bit of fun as well! We especially enjoy chatting over a coffee during our breaks


Luke: Super productive...ok maybe not “super” but they’re always a good laugh and we do always get the job done


11. Do you have any claims to fame?


Chris: Quite a few...Reaching #19 in the official singles chart. Performing onstage with US rock bands Dan Reed Network & Tyketto. Drumming for US band Love/Hate on the Blackout In The Red Room 25th Anniversary UK Tour.  Getting a painting on Tony Hart’s TV show on BBC haha


Ann-Marie: I don’t really have any - I have met Albert Hammond when I auditioned for him for his world tour.  I have also met Brian May and his wife… But unfortunately I’ve not had the privilege of playing/singing for anyone famous...yet)


Luke: As an actor, I’ve got a few personally. Probably the best one is; I was in an Irn Bru advert


12. The funniest thing to happen to you at a gig / wedding


Chris: Splitting my trousers

Ann-Marie: What happens at a wedding, stays at a wedding!


Luke: Saw someone try and dance on a table and fall off (don’t worry, they were ok!)


13. Any wedding hacks?


Chris: Think about providing tambourines/percussion stuff for guests to use on the dance floor



1. Always ask the venue if they have a sound limiter before booking.  If there is a sound limiter it’s probably best not to book the venue. A limiter usually means the band will automatically lose all power to their equipment at any time throughout the night... thus suddenly stopping the music mid-song whilst your guests are dancing!

2. A friend of mine spent an entire year with her fiancé making the decorations for their wedding day. Although it was a crazy amount of preparation(!), they did say it really cut down their costs for the day, it was more personal, and also it actually helped them become a lot closer as a couple through the entire process.

3. For any Edinburgh bride’s out there! - I recommend the couture store ‘Kavelle’ [[LINK]], in Stockbridge. I worked there for a time when I was studying. Not only do they have a great range of dresses for decent prices..which can be changed and altered as you like, but they also make ‘made-to-order’ dresses...meaning you can design and help create your own dress for your special day!


Luke: Wear flat shoes for dancing


14. Describe a typical Day In The Life Of your band (on an event day)


Chris: A lot of ironing, coffee, driving tuning, lifting gear, setting gear up, breaking it down again…. Oh and a bit of performing


Ann-Marie: We enjoy traveling all over Scotland and always grab a coffee along the way. We especially like traveling together and chatting amongst ourselves in the van - it’s always a lot of fun on the road! Once we arrive we set up, sound check and make contact with the lovely bride and groom. Of course, we start the evening off with the cutting of the cake and the first dance. During the first half of the evening, we play a number of Ceilidh dances between cover songs and really get the crowd going! Building up an appetite for the buffet break. As the buffet is served, the band take a break and always like to grab some food - we always try to find a place to sit together, relax, eat and chat. Our second set is always even more upbeat and with the energy the crowd has regained from the buffet, we really get the crowd going then! As the night continues, we build it right up to the final song ‘Loch Lomond’ which is when we get the couple on the dance floor - front and centre. As we finish off the night with a cheer for the newly-weds, we play some DJ music the couple have chosen themselves and then pack up ready to head home


Luke: We arrive at the venue a good 1.5-2 hours before we are needed, make sure we are relaxed, ready and prepared. Set up and then rock the house!!


15. Best way to motivate a shy crowd?


Chris: Get them involved singing along and doing getting them to compete with each other to sing and dance


Ann-Marie: Of course alcohol is the surest way to get the crowd on their feet dancing… but for the band, either dancing like crazy to encourage them to join the madness… or Live Ceilidh always gets the crowd pumping and wanting more!


Luke: Act like an absolute fool. Bring the energy. If they see you being ridiculous they’ll get up and be ridiculous with you


16. Do you have any signature dance moves?


Chris: The Hucklebuck


Ann-Marie: “Driving my car” seems to be what my band tease me for!! I don’t even realise I’m doing it half the time, that is until they start laughing at me whilst we play!!! ...slightly embarrassing… :D


Luke: Does the truffle shuffle count?


If you want to see the band live, join us for the free showcase at The Voodoo Rooms - an award-winning bar and restaurant located in central Edinburgh.  Wedding band showcases are becoming more and more popular and give married couples to be a great opportunity to sample live music entertainment well in advance of booking for their big day. The Voodoo Rooms is a great venue for a wedding band showcase. It has a 200 seated capacity where you can sit and enjoy our live bands in comfortable ambient surroundings.

Scotland hosts over 28,000 weddings a year so the demand for top quality entertainment has never been higher. At Music for Scotland we believe that we offer a high-quality blend of young, innovative talent as well experienced, versatile musicians whose overall objective is to make your wedding reception a night that you and your guests will never forget!

See you there!