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Wedding Bands Scotland: Spotlight on the Sleekit Beasties

This month we're doing a spotlight on some of the most popular wedding bands Scotland has to offer 

This week it's The Sleekit Beasties - they are a Scottish rock/ceilidh band that are perfect for adding a fun and lively atmosphere to any event, especially weddings. They are known for their incredible talent and engaging personalities, which makes them one of the most sought-after bands in Scotland. Their energy is infectious and they have the ability to keep guests dancing and entertained all night long.

The band's unique combination of traditional Scottish music and rock and roll creates an unforgettable experience that is perfect for any event in Scotland, regardless of location or venue. From Glasgow to Aberdeen, Edinburgh to the Borders, the Sleekit Beasties are capable of creating an atmosphere that is both energetic and unforgettable.

Booking the Sleekit Beasties is highly recommended, and it's best to do so early on due to their high demand. They are a band with personality and an incredible ability to engage the crowd, leading by example as they conga, floss, reel and jig all night long. If you're looking to have a memorable and fun-filled event, the Sleekit Beasties are the perfect choice.

We thought we'd catch up with them over a brew and quiz them on some of the questions we're sure you'd want to know the answers to! 

1.Describe your band in 3 words


Andy (Guitarist): Fun, energetic and ceilidh-ismatic

Sam Fiddle Player (Fiddle and Keys): Energetic-rock-ceilidh


2. What made you get into music?


Andy: The fun of it! We have all made so many friendships through music.

Sam: I saw Nigel Kennedy perform a concert live-streamed at the Millennium Dome. He played Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and had a mohican, and it was the best thing I’d ever heard and seen


3. What are your hobbies and do they inspire your music?


Andy: I write a lot of original music...Not the sort of stuff that would go down too well at weddings though!

Sam: I’m involved with Girl Guiding, and through that and my own organization ‘Harp Bazaar’ try to offer opportunities and experiences for young people they might not otherwise get access to. We’re taking a group of young people on tour in the summer to experience Gaelic culture and get a taste of performing!  I’ve also been knitting the same jumper since June – managing a few cms every wedding buffet break. I’m also a (terrible) ice skater.


4.  How many events have you played at?


Andy: Hundreds and hundreds at this point, possibly into quadruple figures!

Sam: We’ve been playing since 2012 and average around 80 weddings a year. Outside of the band I play with orchestras, trad bands and as a solo musician


5.  What’s the most difficult song to play and why?


Andy: ‘Beat It’ by Michael Jackson - killer guitar solo!

Sam: ‘I Just Got Paid’ by Sigala is our newest song – and will be gigged live for the first time on Saturday. I’m really looking forward to playing it, but it’s always nerve-wracking playing a new tune to an audience for the first time.


6.  What’s the most memorable venue you’ve performed at and why?


Andy: We played in a treehouse venue in the borders once, it was beautiful at night.

Sam: Playing at Edinburgh Zoo is always fun, driving through the enclosures after dark!


7.  What’s the best song  ever and why?


Andy: Couldn’t say, but I’m a sucker for a Bon Iver album

Sam: The Smiths ‘There is a Light That Never Goes Out’. When we got to play it as a first dance I was buzzing!


8. What’s your favorite part of a wedding?


Andy: When the first ceilidh song kicks in (if the crowd are really keen on ceilidh), otherwise, the big hits nearer the end are always fun to play!

Sam: Seeing the first dance and the couple obviously in love is always a lovely intimate moment.


9. What advice would you give anyone looking for a band for a wedding/event?


Andy: Book early then go see them play live! We turn away so many couples because everyone wants to get married on a Saturday in the summer!

Sam: Try and have a wee chat with your band in person – see if they do open rehearsals or have a showcase. Do you want a live ceilidh? Do they know how to motivate a crowd? But mostly, do you trust that the band will be invested in the success of the evening and party along with your guests?


10. What are your rehearsals generally like?


Andy: Pretty fun, we try to cram as much work into them as possible due to them only being once per month

Sam: Highly organised, with slight antics. We have monthly rehearsals for learning first dances, new songs (we choose one each), and meeting clients.



11. Do you have any claims to fame?


Andy: We have some incredibly long Strip The Willows under our belts at this point. Sometimes 300/400 people strong!

Sam: I have Morrissey’s water bottle from a gig he played in 2007


12.  What’s the funniest thing to happen to you at a gig/wedding


Andy: So many funny moments, our band never stops laughing so every wedding is hilarious.

Sam: Went onto the dancefloor to film everyone having a boogie. Had the camera facing the wrong way for the whole thing.


13.  Any wedding hacks?


Andy: Weddings always run a little late, build in some time for that so that you get the most out of your day

Sam: Just enjoy the day. Every wedding we’ve been to has been amazing – from village halls to grand Scottish Castles but it’s having your friends and family there that really make it.   Also, listen to us when we explain how to do the ceilidh dances!


14.  Describe a typical Day In The Life Of your band


Andy: We travel a lot, so sometimes we will set off by about 2-3 pm, arrive at 6 and rest a little before we kick things off at 8. We usually end at midnight then we quickly pack everything down and head to a Premier Inn for the night!

Sam: We arrive at 6.30 for an 8pm start, so we can start getting set up the moment we have access. There’s usually about 30 minutes before we have access, so we fill that with Harry Potter jokes. Matt once brought a kite, and we often end up petting horses and getting chased by peacocks


15.  What are the best ways to motivate a shy crowd?


Andy: We lead by example when it comes to dancing!

Sam: After a few pop songs we launch straight into ceilidh dancing. Ceilidh dancing gets people up who might be a little shy to dance to pop and by the end of the ceilidh everyone’s properly met each other and even shy crowds take the opportunity to keep on dancing.


16.  Do you have any signature dance moves?


Andy: Sam does a mean Floss while playing keys but the lads in the band usually are just bopping around

Sam: Flossing, dabbing, stick tricks, Elvis impersonations, acting out the lyrics to every song ever, Andrew stands on one leg, jumping whilst playing instruments, joining every conga line


So there you go, multi-taskers or what?  If you’re getting married or holding an event, having a band that’s good at the music is only half the job - they have to be good at the fun too!

If you’re newly engaged (congrats!) or miles down the planning process and not booked your band yet (tsk, tsk) check out the Sleekit Beasties play and Book Them up sharp.  Where else will you see an Elvis-impersonating fiddler, flossing behind the keys and joining the conga line whilst acting out the lyrics to “Don’t Stop Me Now”?  That’s the stuff of dreams!


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