14 Apr 2015 Franco


Good evening, viewer. 

I hope all of your Wedding plans are coming together nicely. I know it can be a stressful time but stick with it, it will all be when it comes around!
 We really enjoy our job and know that we are lucky to get to play at so many great Weddings each year and again another year has got off to a flyer! 2015 seems to be the year of the dance-off, the conga and (whisper it) we think the worm is coming back! We've seen some nudity - although that has mainly been in the photo booth! - and we've witnessed a pretty special engagement. Its been eventful so far and long may it continue.  
We've had a few great requests this year so if you've got an original idea for a first dance please share it with us. The Beastie Boys was a highlight last month and also we re-learned You and Me Song by the Wannadies which is now a staple. Sometimes I sit at the computer shaking my head at the requests (see Beastie Boys) only to be proved wrong so if you've got a wild song in mind or you think you would like to venture away from the traditional first dance just go for it! Still no Mariah or Whitney though. So if you are planning a wedding or event thats got a bit of flair and style don't be afraid and don't hold back…and remember to book Franco…and our Photobooth