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The Definitive Guide to Planning an Unconventional Wedding on a Budget

The Definitive Guide to Planning an Unconventional Wedding on a Budget

Is there such thing as a traditional wedding anymore?


In our latest blog post we provide you with everything you need to know when it comes to planning an unconventional wedding on a budget in 2018.

"Do you hear the wedding bells ringing?” probably not, as with everything else weddings have changed they have moved with the times. I mean uber offers special deals for your guests on your big day - could this be anymore millennial? We are at a stage in our lives where anything seems to be possible it is becoming easier for traditions to be pushed to the side and for the unconventional to take centre stage.


Planning an Unconventional Wedding


Planning your wedding is essentially planning a party and where do you start?, the venue. If a church just does not do it for you for many reasons - you may not be religious, you maybe a witch (this article is for a wide range of people) or you may have already been there and done that. Wow your guests and think out the brick walls of that church - marry the person you love in that gallery where you went on a first date, the football pitch that you drag your significant other to every weekend, or even do it under water! There are so many options out there and if you are not sure if a place could hold a wedding - just ask! Whats the worst that could happen?, they say no or they say yes and you will be having the unconventional wedding of your dreams.

How to do Unconventional Wedding Invites


You have the venue booked - the date is saved. How will we let our guests know? We all have had invites stuck to our fridge before and yes if you are like me you will be in that fridge often raiding it but whats the second most popular thing in your life after the fridge (not including your spouse here either)? Our companion for life - our phones. Digital invites not only are good on the pocket with saving you money on the actual card/invite itself but also the postage plus they are good for the environment - a email has just one-sixteenth of a carbon footprint compared to a letter. How about having all your wedding info all in the on easy and convenient place - a wedding website. Having your own website means it can be updated easily and all your guests can check for updates at their own convenience. We cant please everyone so if your wee Aunt Gloria is pining for that paper invite and she may not be as tech savvy as some the cost of a few invites will be so very minimal compared to the whole wedding party.

Dress Code for your Special Unconventional Day


Unless you have chosen to say your I do’s on a nudist beach what you are going to wear will be a highlight for many on your big day. White gowns, veils and suits come to mind when thinking of a stereotypical wedding but they do not need to be the case. Go for the colour, the ombre, the tie dye we all know the reasons for the typical dress to be white but lets face it their are not many of us who have not gotten fresh in the bedroom before getting hitched. Ditch the heels and go for the converse - wear the pumps you will be able to dance in all night and not have blisters the next day. Whatever dress or not dress you chose to wear breaking the rules will add that extra bit of excitement when you walk down that aisle (if you have a aisle that is!). You guys can get as wild as you like too - the morning suit or tuxedo not your thing? Tailored plaid number or slacks with braces matching the converse to your brides - this is your day too get creative. We’ve seen the wedding picture with the group of beautiful men and women surrounding the bride and groom - the wedding party. Six bridesmaids, 6 groomsmen and two flower girls sure does sound incredibly expensive. Thats fourteen outfits, hair/make up, gifts and bouquets. These friends will be coming to your wedding anyway why make it harder and more expensive for yourself by having such a big wedding party. It will not be easy finding a dress that suits and makes 6 different women happy - eliminate that stress. Your loved ones will understand if you do just chose that one friend to be by you side on the big day. If that person also happens to be of the opposite sex - do not let tradition deter you from having your male best friend supporting you.

What to Serve up for your Guests


Food is on my mind - maybe a cocktail is in order. Who says happy hour cant be midday till four? Be a little different and have your wedding breakfast actually at breakfast time…well maybe brunch. Starting the day earlier can save you money and you will be having a great time for longer with your loved ones. Breakfast is a favourite meal for so many, just imagine your wedding meal being bacon, eggs, pancakes, waffles and mimosas - that sure does sound tempting. Let them eat cake may have been a mis quote from Marie Antoinette but everyone knows it, the many weddings I have been to I have missed the cake cutting or it gets delayed as the bride and groom are having way too much fun dancing and being all married! Why not try a alternative doughnut tower or simplifying that big ol’ traditional eight tiered number - if you are too busy having fun it wont be too much of a big deal if it was a cake you baked yourself or one you shop bought. You can always keep the cake for the following day to share in bed in newly wedded bliss.

What Matters Most


There can be so much to planning your wedding but remember it is your day and no matter what you do you can not make everyone happy - the most important people are you and your partner being happy. If you are looking to book the best wedding bands Glasgow has to offer then get in touch with the team today. We are all individuals and the most important day of your life should reflect on how special and individual you and your partner are - it also does not have to break the bank either. Start your new life in wedded bliss and not in thousands of pounds debt!!