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The Rise of the Midweek Wedding - Why To Get Married On Monday

With the global pandemic wreaking havoc with the wedding industry in 2020, it’s not all doom and gloom - things are looking up for 2021. With the governments across the UK only taking small, tentative steps to allow people to hold small wedding ceremonies as Autumn approaches, most couples are still apprehensive about having their nuptials during the comprehensively annulled 2020. Couples have instead turned their focus on 2021 and with the calendar already almost full to bursting with rescheduled weddings, a new trend is emerging - the weekday wedding.

Experts are predicting that the trend of getting married midweek is here to stay, meaning that if businesses in the wedding industry can keep their heads above the water for the rest of 2020, their earnings should be effectively resuscitated by weddings being celebrated 7 days a week as the impatiently awaited 2021 arrives, slamming the door in the face of this horrible year.

So what are the benefits of foregoing the weekend wedding and choosing to celebrate during the week instead? We explore this growing trend and why midweek weddings are finally getting the consideration they deserve.

1. Cost Saving

Let’s start with the obvious one - the bang for your buck. Save yourselves and your guests some money by scheduling your wedding midweek, bagging a reduced-cost wedding package and splurge on something else instead. Extend your honeymoon, go further afield, or choose a swankier hotel; upgrade the Prosecco you had earmarked for your wedding day for the champagne you know you would prefer; if your heart is set on a live wedding band but the budget would only stretch to a DJ set on a weekend date, splash out on that amazing rock group that will make your wedding day incredible.

Far from the mistaken belief that it’s somehow rude to have a weekday wedding, your guests might even thank you for it. It breaks up the monotony of their work week and allows them to really commit to attending you big day. On top of that, weekend hotel rates might not be within everybodys' budgets but with loads of weekday deals to be had at hotels across the country, they may be able to stay over and really relax and enjoy the festivities. They might even make a holiday of it and have a blast.

2. Your dream suppliers


Was that five star wedding venue just a pipe dream? Your preferred florists and photographers all booked up until 2050? Well now that you’ve opened up the remaining 70% of the week and unlocked the savings to be had on every single day other than the two that weddings have traditionally happened on, you can reopen your wedding book and take another look at what you can now afford. Getting married midweek strengthens the bride and groom’s bargaining position and statistics show that on average a couple can save a whopping 40% by getting married midweek. The improved availability also opens up a lot more options than if you choose to celebrate your big day on one of only 52 weekend dates of the year.

As an added bonus, getting that perfect wedding venue to yourself, rather than having to share it with other brides who are in the event room right adjacent to you, is definitely an attractive proposition to couples reluctant to share their big day.

3. Flexibility on dates

June weddings have traditionally been the dream and June weekends book up fast. But, did you know that June has a whole 22 other days to choose from? June weekends are frequently booked up years in advance whilst the rest of the month is far less in demand.

Contrary to common belief, getting married on a balmy Thursday as opposed to a Saturday in no way detracts from how special your wedding day will be. And since your guests will likely take the day off work on the Friday you can extend the celebrations into the weekend, meaning that you won’t feel the pressure of trying to make sure that you’re giving all of your guests enough attention during your wedding. Between the photos, first dance, speeches, cake cutting and any number of other things that happen during the festivities, rushing from one guest to another can be overwhelming. But, if you know you have the whole weekend ahead of you to socialise with your nearest and dearest, the pressure will definitely feel like it’s been lifted.

4. A day off work


The long held belief that asking guests to attend a midweek wedding is somehow rude or inconsiderate is wholly inaccurate. With a third of the British workforce seeing their shifts include the weekend, Saturday weddings are not a guarantee of availability. And the Monday - Friday workers may equally resent going to a weekend wedding after a long work week when all they want to do is catch up on their sleep.

So ultimately, you shouldn’t plan your wedding date with the intention of trying to make it convenient for everyone involved - that would just be impossible. Instead, you should rest assured that the guests you choose to invite to your big day will be delighted to attend regardless of which day ending in “Y” the wedding falls on.

With the trend for weekday weddings giving weekend dos a run for their money, getting an invitation for a Monday wedding may soon be as commonplace as a Saturday celebration.

Who says you can’t party on a school night?

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