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To Theme or Not to Theme for your Wedding

A themed wedding - yay or nay?


With Halloween fast approaching fancy dress shops sales are picking up. What will you be this year? Sexy Cat or scary clown? If you are like me I enjoy a little dress up and I’m not talking the fifty shades of grey dress up - I enjoy the spooky, creepy make up the fake blood, the costumes and crazy hair but does that mean I like it that much I would incorporate it in to my wedding? Lets have a little talk about a fancy dress styled wedding of course there will be the cons to it but I imagine many pros too but what you do need to remember it is your big day so if you want it just do it!

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Types of Wedding Themes


I imagine that if you are considering fancy dress you will have a theme in mind. I’m not talking the regular wedding themes such as romantic, whimsical, vintage, rustic, modern or bohemian. I’m talking the Halloween, the Harry Potter, the football, vikings or even game of thrones and who knows what else can come from the imaginations of a creative bride and groom. A well thought out and planned theme can look amazing or completely random like a Christmas wedding in July. You need to fully commit to your theme so it makes a big impact on your guests and doesn’t leave them questioning what the heck is that giant weird looking hat doing there when nothing else is Harry Potter. Ultimately, how you plan and execute a themed wedding is different experience for each couple and all depends on how wholly you wish to commit yourself to the theme. Do your research and get crafty - only you will know exactly how you want things to look. If you are wanting a Stars Wars themed wedding but cant find a suitable centre piece get creative and make it yourself.

Head on over to https://www.theknot.com/diy-wedding-ideas to get some inspiration on where to start. 

What to wear?

So you have decided on your theme the next port of call would be deciding on what to wear. You want the theme to look good you must look good too. If you are a boss in the stitching department you may consider making your own outfit. You may end up with the Harry Potter dress of your dreams with your house colours stitched in around the train but remember with a great dress comes great responsibilities and major stresses and time. If budget is not a big deal to you, get your dream dress designs down to a dress maker. You will receive a bespoke beautiful dress that will definitely wow on your special day. Check out the pieces on https://www.the-couture-company.co.uk to get your mouth salivating.


Make up or shall we call it face paint? Getting your face done will make a theme much easier to understand - if all your guests get a little lightening bolt like a certain wizard the theme of the day could not get any clearer. Obviously you will have plans for getting your own make up did but why not hire a face painter to get your guests in on the action too. Not only does getting your face painted entertain any children but also the adults too. If your guests are not too keen on getting their faces painted make sure to have other props/costume pieces about so they can still be involved without make up.

https://www.sellmywedding.co.uk/browse-items/categories/decor/props/ head over to this site and you could grab yourself some bargains - here you can by other peoples wedding props and any other wedding items that can be reused. Saving money and saving the environment at the same time.

Photos - Capturing your Special Moments 


With all the excellently acquired props you now have a photo booth is a must. Letting your guests take away their own memories in a little polaroid is also another way of giving them that old fashioned wedding favour.

With all your guest getting fancy picture memories to take home - what about your own photos? Imagine the fun you can have recreating scenes from your favourite movie with your new partner. How about your photographer using that fancy photoshop and creating your regular pictures into something more magical.

What to eat?


Everyone loves cake don’t they…? The cake which is in keeping with your theme can be a real crowd pleaser. I am sure we have all seen the amazing cakes which are created these days. No need for that 8 tiered royal icing monstrosity. Go for something smaller with intricate details of all the things that you love about the theme you have chosen. Have your guests drink potions or serve some punch in a world cup replica trophy. Day of the dead themed big day why not have a taco bar where guests can load up their own tacos and definitely don’t skip the guacamole!! Halloween weddings for that added gore and shock factor ditch the canopies and serve up a tray of witches fingers head over to https://www.thatweddingshop.com/delicious-recipes/whole-wheat-witch-fingers-without-food-coloring/ to get the recipe.


Your guests may not want to cooperate


There is a possibility that some of your guests may not like or wish to participate in dressing according to your chosen theme,  especially if it requires elaborate costumes.

Some guests, (and even your bridal party), may not feel comfortable dressing in a costume and may feel forced to do so. Guests may also be unhappy about have to purchase or hire an expensive costume too.

Additionally, a certain theme may even offend some of your guests, particularly if it goes against their social or religious beliefs.

A themed wedding is a great way to explore your creativity and treat your family and friends to a unique and fun experience. Particularly, for brides or grooms that have been dreaming of their wedding since they were young, it’s an opportunity to bring your ultimate wedding to life! Hopefully this has given you a little look in to the good and the possible bad outcomes of having a themed wedding. Just be sure to plan and budget and hopefully you will get the themed wedding of you dreams.