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Top 50 Best UK Wedding Blogs 2021

The Best UK Wedding Bloggers of 2021

The Ultimate List.


Whether you are looking for design ideas and inspiration, new wedding venues and the best wedding bands Scotland has to offer, a wedding blog is one of the best places to start.  Luckily the UK is full to bursting with fantastic, online wedding resources so you're only a click away from a wedding blog.  But which are the best?  Which are the most current?  Where to start?  Music For Scotland are here to help.

We have compiled the ULTIMATE, fully up-to-date - and pretty much exhaustive - list of the top wedding blogs in the UK so you have easy access to the latest styles, tips, advice, newest trends and wedding services. 

We have searched far and wide and recognised the 50 Best UK Wedding Bloggers for 2021 to suit every style and taste so, in no particular order, we give you the very best UK wedding blogs and bloggers. 

1. Music for Scotland


Okay, so this entry on the top 50 UK wedding Blogs in 2021 may be a little biased. But if you are looking for wedding band ideas, looking to listen to the best live music acts then our blog is the place to visit.  Not only do we have some of the best wedding bands in Scotland, but we have also been in the wedding industry for longer than we care to mention and what we don't know isn't worth knowing.  We have been to every wedding venue in Scotland, worked with some of the best Scottish suppliers and been privy to some incredibly original weddings.  Above all, we are experts in the wedding entertainment industry and are more than happy to share our knowledge with you.  Come on in!

Best for; best of the best!


2. We Fell in Love


With its sublime scenery, wonderful hospitality, incredible venues and super talented suppliers, Scotland absolutely deserves its own, dedicated Scottish wedding blog. After several years in the Scottish wedding industry (as photographers) the team at We Fell In Love gave up on trying to persuade others to start such a blog and finally decided to do it themselves. Led by Christina Golian, We Fell In Love launched in 2012 and has gone from strength to strength since then.

Best for; contemporary and individual wedding inspiration.


3. Braw Brides


Braw Brides was relaunched in November 2015, and there are a few changes to get excited about! The blog is now a fully tagged and searchable resource, which means it's a great place to research different interpretations of your own wedding styles. Launched by Heather, this wedding blog raves about Scotland’s best weddings and the inspiration and ideas around them.  

Best for: weddings with a truly Scottish feel.


4. The Wedding Collective 


The Wedding Collective are a small team who curate this collection of innovative wedding creatives from their studio in London and various cafes and spots in Glasgow.  The blog launched in 2011 and is geared at couples who want to inject an alternative vibe into their wedding day.

Best for; unique and chic wedding inspiration. 


5. Timeless White


Timeless White provides seamless support for couples who are planning a wedding in Scotland and require assistance with wedding planning, wedding design, wedding coordination and itineraries of activities to surround the wedding weekend. Looking for a piper for hire or top-notch Scottish entertainment?  Timeless White has some great ideas. Not only that they have a rather lovely wedding blog that is full of inspirational pictures sure to get your creative juices flowing... 

Best for; luxury wedding planning.


6. My Scotland Wedding


My Scotland Wedding is an online platform for brides and grooms to create their own personal profile and plan their big day using a quality directory of wedding suppliers - from wedding bands in Glasgow to florists in Inverness - as well as to create their own guestlist, organise their own seating plan, chat on the forum and read news articles and blogs for ideas and inspiration. 

Best for; wedding planning and staying organised.


7. Before the Big Day


Before the Big Day is an incredible wedding blog that has been recognized with a number of huge accolades.  These bloggers have led appearances on the BBC News hour program and featured at a number of wedding fairs in the UK.  Updated daily, it has up-to-the-minute ideas for every element of your big day.  Definitely one to watch.

Best for; helping you make your wedding stand out.


8. Boho Weddings 


Next up on our top 50 wedding blogs in the UK 2021 is Boho Weddings. Set up in 2009, Boho Weddings is a leading UK wedding blog written by Kelly Hood – an award-winning wedding planner and wedding blogger. Boho Weddings loves all things ‘Boho’ from luxe to rustic, modern to vintage, as long as your wedding reflects your personality then Boho Weddings is the place for you. Offering expert advice, Boho Weddings is a place for couples from all around the world, trying to do things differently to find inspiration and ideas. Weddings should be about you as a couple - it’s all about individuality.

Best for; relaxed weddings with a bohemian vibe.


9. Love my Dress


Love my Dress is jam-packed with real wedding inspiration. Started in 2009 by Annabel, this wedding blogger knows a thing or two about finding your perfect wedding dress.  If you want a valid excuse for being late for work we think looking at the images on this blog should be a totally justified reason.

Best for; an innovative, community-feel blog 


10. Rock my Wedding 


Rock My Wedding is the biggest wedding blog and planning resource in the UK and an independent study by one of the worlds leading advertising network found the wedding blog to be “The Most Influential Brand In The Wedding Industry”. I don't think we need to say much more about this wedding blog, go check it out now! 

Best for; unbiased, ad-free and honest advice.


11. Bespoke Bride


This is a rather fun and colourful wedding blog.  At Bespoke Bride they believe colour and creativity are a match made in heaven! They celebrate individuality with daily doses of stylish wedding loveliness and tutorials to inspire couples to create a wedding that is personal and unique. Whether it is rustic or retro, backyard or beach, DIY or DIT, all they ask is that you incorporate your superstar selves into your wedding in some way. Lot's of fun! 

Best for; colour and creativity!


12. Rock n Roll Bride


This wedding blogger is one of our favorites which might be a lot to do with the music theme Kat Williams has gone for. Rock n Roll Bride promotes individuality and general awesomeness within a sometimes cookie-cutter wedding world. Don’t let the wedding industry define your day, let YOU define your day. Kat’s wedding blog has certainly rocked the wedding industry and led the way for many bloggers with sexy, edgy and exciting images. 

Best for; a rockstar wedding.


13. English Wedding Blog


Something at the other end of the spectrum now when it comes to weddings.  This wedding blog is a lot more traditional. Part-time wedding calligrapher Claire Gould scours England (and Wales and Scotland) to find the most stylish weddings to feature in her blog. You are also able to submit your own wedding photos to help future brides to be with their special day too. 

Best for; traditional elegance.


14. London Bride


The most populated city in the UK is full of couples looking for wedding inspiration and ideas. Founder and Editor Charley Beard created the London Bride blog in 2009 as one of the first UK wedding blogs, which has since become a multi-award winning and well-renowned resource for couples planning a wedding in London, the South East and also throughout the UK.

Best for; glamour, glamour, glamour


15. Wedding Sparrow


This wedding blogger has made her online venture into a real success story! Starting as a one woman blog by Sara Russel, Wedding Sparrow has now grown into a multi-award-winning wedding blog, so we just had to feature it on our list. Wedding Sparrow is an art lover's dream.  If your perfect wedding is one that is artisanal, creative and painfully chic, you won't find a better wedding blog than this.  Run by a woman-led, expert team of creative professionals, it's is aimed at contemporary, relaxed, yet luxe wedding style – for couples endeavouring to create a personal and stylish celebration, using reliable and talented suppliers.  This blog will help couples achieve their vision of their wedding day, without compromise.

Best for; a wedding straight out of a glossy, high-end editorial.


16. Plans & Presents


We really are making great headway in our list of the best wedding blogs the UK has to offer 2021. Alison Tinlin offers a wise head indeed: she has been a judge for a number of national wedding awards as well as having written pieces for Wedding Ideas magazine and other publications. Her blog offers a really eclectic mix of weddings which is perfect for finding random inspiration.  Sounds great right? 

Best for; wacky wedding with extra zing


17. So You're Getting Married


Ran by Phoebe, Rebecca and Emily So You're getting Married offers fabulous content as well as breathtaking images of beautiful weddings. We particularly like the arrangements of weddings by budget which is a really handy way of seeing how far you can stretch the pennies as well as picking up some great tips and inspiration. You will leave this website with loads of ideas and serious amounts of wedding envy.

Best for; ultimate, girly wedding


18. Marry Me Ink


The creative mind behind Marry Me Ink is Rachel and she wants to answer one question - “What will you look like in a wedding dress with all of those tattoos?!” The answer: utterly fabulous! MMI walks through a multicoloured world celebrating tattooed brides and those not looking for conventional “fluffy” weddings. If you like fine photos then this wedding blogger really does offer something a little different.

Best for; celebrating the unconventional


19. A Very Curious Wedding


We love this blog because it celebrates couples of all backgrounds, cultures, religions, genders and abilities - which is frankly not done enough. A Very Curious Wedding is a blog written by Michelle who was inspired to help others save on budget but not compromise on style. A Curious Wedding comes chock full of tips, advice and brilliant articles which are all awash with Michelle’s dry sense of humour which we love. A Very Curious Wedding is an online resource for brides and grooms-to-be looking for unique wedding ideas.

Best for; celebrating individuality and keeping it real.

20. Brides up North


Brides Up North launched in November 2010 amid wedding fever on the day that the Royal Engagement was announced. In the five years since then, the site has skyrocketed in popularity and profile to become one of the most visited UK wedding blogs. If you are looking to plan your wedding day up North then you need to check out this blog for sure. Brides up North was named “Best Blog for Northern Brides” by Channel 4 have won countless awards so they really know what they are talking about when it comes to weddings! 

Best for; up-to-the-minute wedding inspiration.


21. Confetti


This wedding blog features an oh-so-helpful budget planner, guest list maker, table planner and to-do list so you’ve got the ultimate wedding planning resource at your fingertips.  We could go so far as to say that this blog is a one-stop-shop for all things wedding; whether that’s the UK’s most gorgeous venues, the best planning ideas as well as all the latest bridal fashions to admire in the lead up to your dream wedding. 

Best for; one-stop-shop wedding planning.


22. The Natural Wedding Company


The Natural Wedding Company is the definitive resource for planning a natural, eco-friendly wedding. Their innovative online directory and blog are designed to connect engaged couples with a range of beautiful, artisan suppliers who genuinely care about their impact on the environment as well as producing a top-quality product or service. From flower guides to alternative wedding ring suppliers and even a few rather different options to add to your gift list, this blog will help you have a guilt-free, earth-friendly wedding.

Best for; eco-friendly chic.


23. The Wedding Community Blog


The Wedding Community Blog is like having your own virtual scrapbook in the lead up to your special day, with plenty of new ideas, styles and the latest trends to admire in 2018 and even has an archived section so you can look back through the years. 

Best for; tips, advice and great photography.


24. The Bijou Bride


Alexandra started The Bijou Bride to tie together her experience and passions: event planning, fashion styling and the simple love of an unforgettable party. What's imperative to her is that your love story is reflected honestly in the framework and aesthetics of your day. No two couples are the same so no two weddings should be either. The Bijou Bride helps you craft ideas for your own special day. 

Best for; all of the experience and expertise in one place.


25. Bridal Musings


Bridal Musings was founded in 2011 by Elizabeth Muhmood Kane, a Londoner, red lipstick lover, Pinterest addict, world traveller and self-confessed ‘wedding geek’ with a penchant for all things chic and romantic. But Bridal Musings isn’t just pretty, it’s practical too. They feature super helpful wedding planning posts each and every week, sure to give you plenty of ideas. 

Best for; award-winning ideas and inspiration


26. Whimsical Wonderland Weddings


Whimsical Wonderland Weddings was founded by Louise Baltruschat Hollis in April 2010, whilst planning her own wedding day. The blog stands out with vibrant colour, stunning imagery and wonderfully friendly writing that makes you feel as if you’re sat down with her, drinking a coffee and perusing her personal wedding scrapbook. 

Best for; vibrant wedding ideas


27. French Wedding Style


Created in 2011 by Laura Payne-Stanley, this blog is focused on helping couples plan the perfect wedding in France.  At the time the blog was launched, there were no other English-speaking resources on the market which were geared at helping brides organise a wedding in France so French Wedding Style helped to plug a rather sizeable gap.  Complete with a directory of the best suppliers, inspiring photo shoots, guides to the latest in French fashion as well as honeymoon ideas, this blog is a must for Francophile couples looking to get married in this stunning country.

Best for; destination wedding planning

28. Mr & Mrs Unique 


Relaunched in 2021, Mr & Mrs Unique is the go-to, multi-award-winning online wedding directory, blog and magazine celebrating the unusual, the quirky, the interesting, and above all, the unique aspects of weddings, events and festivals.  Erica has built up a massive directory of independent, quirky bridal experts to explore while her tips on planning and beating the post-wedding blues are equally helpful (not to mention hilarious).

Best for; wedding style rebels


29. B.Loved Weddings


B.Loved is a fabulous collection of inspiring wedding days, the latest trends and advice on organising one of the happiest days of your life. It is also an award-winning UK wedding and lifestyle blog bringing you the most beautiful and contemporary inspiration in weddings, interiors, family, fashion and beauty. Founded in 2011 as a dedicated luxury UK wedding blog it's gone from strength to strength and is a must for couples looking to inject some luxury into their big day.

Best for; luxe and loveliness


30. Want that Wedding


Collet’s wonderfully informative wedding blog is the perfect guide to achieving the wedding you want with a huge range of easily affordable yet stylish ideas, fantastic inspiration as well as real weddings in some of the UK’s most beautiful wedding venues – ranging from castles to countryside barns.  The blog covers everything you can think of including themes, colour schemes, every king of real wedding as well as alerts on which sample sales are coming up.  Check it out quick!

Best for; eclectic romance


31. Kayleigh Pope Wedding Photographer Blog


Full of helpful tips and tricks, the true love stories behind this blog's featured weddings are certainly capable of turning on the waterworks! Kayleigh Pope’s gorgeous online scrapbook has transformed into a picture-perfect display of the latest bridal styles, trends and real brides to inspire you on your journey to the altar. 

Best for; stunning wedding photography


32. Way out Wedding


Way out weddings feature weddings that range from Scottish/Indian fusion celebrations to punky engagement shoots with smoke-bomb-wielding-brides-to-be, Way Out Wedding is a celebration of all those alternative men and women who weren’t afraid to go their own way in pursuit of their perfect day.

Best for; unusual wedding ideas


33. Pretty White


Pretty White are multi-award-winning Scottish Wedding planners based in Edinburgh. They are a one-stop-shop for everything you could possibly need for your big day - and even some things you've never even thought of!  Luckily, they have a helpful blog that discusses must-haves and finishing touches as well as inspiring photos examples of their work.  Their Venue Styling Gallery is a must-see for any discerning bride and they have loads of tips on some of the best wedding venues around the country.

Best for: everything you can think of!


34. Tie The Knot


Based in Glasgow, Tie The Knot are definitely one of the main authorities on all things wedding in Scotland.  They are an encyclopedia of wedding information and have many helpful tips on how to manage wedding planning throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.  Definitely, one to include on the planning checklist.

Best for; Dates for your diary


35. Oksana Kuklina Photography


Oksana (or Roxanne if you prefer) is a photographer like no other.  She offers a boutique service and so invested is she in producing an unparalleled chronicle of your wedding day that she only takes a very limited amount of bookings each year so that she can guarantee the time needed to make your wedding photography spectacular.  Her Real Stories blog offers an insight into just how passionate she is about capturing your big day in the right way and trust us, you won't want to miss this portfolio.

Best for; stunning photography


36. Junebug Weddings


A very popular wedding resource, Junebug weddings has advice on just about anything you can think of.  The blog was started with the idea of arming couples with all of the information they need to plan their wedding their way - not following a template approach.  As a global resource, you can use the blog to help you plan your wedding in the UK or, indeed a destination wedding.  The world is your oyster!

Best for, global inspiration


37. Pretty and Punk


Cringe at the conventional but still want some tradition in your big day?  Then Pretty and Punk is definitely for you.  This Plymouth based blog offers a perfect marriage between the pretty and the punky with ideas and inspiration to create a truly out there wedding.  This fab resource catalogs some of the best suppliers in the UK, allowing you to browse, select, contact and assemble your top team of wedding professionals who will make your day out of this world.

Best for; traditional but unconventional


38. The AMM Blog


The AMM Hair and Makeup Blog is brought to you by an award-winning team of hair and makeup artists and reflect the scale of their collective, shared experience.  The blog covers everything from the best pre-wedding skincare products and the go-to professional make-up looks to make sure you have that bridal glow on the day, to how to make sure the morning of your wedding goes off without a hitch.

Best for; bridal beauty blogging


39. Bride & Tonic


We love this blog because of its focus on how to have eco and ethical weddings.  The blog is aimed at the more intimate wedding, believing that bigger is not necessarily better which 2020 has helped to prove several times over.  With the pandemic-induced rise of the micro wedding, this resource is full of up-to-the-minute advice and inspiration on how to achieve the perfect, bijoux wedding in a way that won't hurt the planet.  Simple!

Best for; Sustainability and simplicity

40. Nu Bride


Nu Bride is an award-winning and much-needed blog that tries to help to resolve the problem of a lack of diversity in the wedding industry.  With the majority of the mainstream wedding resources being focused on white couples, this blog is a breath of fresh air featuring stunning, multicultural couples and celebrating the richness and vibrancy of traditions, styles and creativity of under-represented brides.

Best for; Inclusivity and diversity.


41. To Have and To Hold


A fantastic, free, bimonthly online magazine, that covers the entire of the UK and also includes some very helpful honeymoon advice and ideas.  Alongside the stunning photography and a whole host of real weddings to oggle with your coffee and biscuits, the honeymoon section of this nationwide blog will make you an expert on where to go and when and how to have a simply unforgettable time when you get there.  Get your suitcase ready.

Best for; planning the honeymoon!


42. Well Travelled Bride


This blog is another fantastic resource for nomadic couples who dream of getting married on far-flung shores.  Run by a team of international wedding planners this blog is chock full of advice on every location you can think of and how to plan your dream wedding there.  Featuring jealousy-inducing photography, jaw-dropping venues, and a directory of suppliers on location, this is your toolkit for planning the ultimate destination wedding.

Best for; Weddings abroad


43. Unconventional Wedding


Another great blog celebrating the unconventional and eccentric, the Unconventional Wedding is full of quirky ideas. From weddings that span numerous continents to gorgeous, colourful wedding dress ideas and wedding carriages pulled by llamas (yes, that's right) this blog will absolutely make your wedding stand out from the crowd.

Best for; kooky quirkiness


44. Unique Rebels Union


Event supplier experts extraordinaire, the Unique Rebels Union offers a free online magazine, directory of some of the coolest suppliers in the UK as well as a blog full of incredible photography.  This multi-award winning resource is one for the bookmarks folder.

Best for; innovative tradition


45. Before The Big Day


Updated on a daily basis, you'll be hard-pressed to find a wedding blog that's more up-to-date.  Brimming with ideas on diy wedding decor projects, real weddings of every kind, theme and size as well as information on sample sales, wedding fairs and showcases, this blog is everything you need in one place.

Best for; dates for your diary


46. Bride Book


A UK-based online wedding planner, Bride Book helps couples get organised and acts as a one-stop-shop for all your wedding day questions and needs.  With a user-friendly interface, this resource will help you sort out your checklists, budgets, guest list and more.  All punctuated with simply stunning wedding photography for inspiration.

Best for; fuss-free planning


47. Wedding Dates


Wedding dates are your supplier match-makers.  Their goal is to match you with your perfect venue, caterer, hot air balloon pilot etc, etc.  With handily displayed average prices for every supplier on their roster, you'll be able to compile your budget-friendly shortlist in no time.

Best for; supplier shortlisting


48. Andrea Hawkes Blog


Looking for a wedding dress paradise?  You'll find it here.  Andrea Hawkes is a UK based wedding designer and retailer specialising in creating top quality and fully unique wedding outfits through their bespoke wedding design service.  The Andrea Hawkes blog offers real bride inspiration, behind the scenes sneak peeks and some helpful advice from this fabulous, wedding dress couturier.

Best for; bespoke wedding dresses


49. Magpie Wedding


This one is for the vintage lovers. Starting out as The Vintage Wedding Fair where they showcased hundreds of gowns from all the decades, this company has grown from strength to strength winning The Best Vintage Wedding Fair award at the National Vintage Awards in 2013.  Showcasing some of the most stunning vintage and vintage-inspired design ideas, this blog will have you hooked so make sure you make some time to indulge in the editorial photoshoots and real weddings from around the UK.

Best for; vintage, vintage, vintage


50. The Rose Shed


And finally, we round off the list of the top 50 best UK wedding blogs, with floral design inspiration from the Bristol-based The Rose Shed.  This sleek blog showcases stunning floral arrangements designed by Rachel Husband who has been following her floral passion since she was 13.  What she doesn't know about flowers isn't worth knowing and this shines through all of the work displayed on her website.  Specialising in floral decorations for high end, luxury events, The Rose Shed know how to make your wedding a spectacular affair whether you're looking for the opulent or simple and understated.

Best for; flower power

So whether you are engaged, helping a friend or just fancy snooping through some of the most stunning spots on the internet, these are all legitimate reasons to become somewhat obsessed with wedding blogs.

Ours' is a collection of the most popular and influential wedding blogs that truly create, drive and inspire the pulse of the entire bridal industry in the UK.

Happy planning!