27 May 2019 Admin

Why You Should Always Use a Wedding Band Agency

Looking for a Wedding Band in Glasgow, Edinburgh or Aberdeen?  Here’s why you should hire your live music and entertainment through a wedding agency.

Contrary to popular belief, music and entertainment agencies are not money-grabbing villains.  They don’t sit in stuffy offices, smoking cheap cigars and rubbing their hands together as they work their bands to the bone in the name of brazen profiteering (I mean some might, I don’t want to generalise, but on the whole I’d like to think that this sort of scene is very rare).


Music agencies, on the whole, are the smart way to book your wedding entertainment because they know what they’re doing, are experts in their field, have a tonne of experience in organising wedding and events entertainment and can deal with anything you throw at them.  The process for dealing with a music agency couldn’t be simpler too - you contact them, they get back to you asap with all the booking information you need and you’re done!  Unless you have any other questions, the agency will keep in touch with you to keep you informed of any necessary info in the lead up to your big day but otherwise, they do all the work in the background.  And there’s a surprising amount of work to be done.


Intrigued?  Read on to find out how else music agencies like Music for Scotland can take the strain out of choosing and booking your wedding entertainment for the big day.


It’s Easier


Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful life events, not far behind having children and moving home.  It shouldn’t be, but it is.  The expectations, the family feuds, the sheer number of things to consider not to mention the fact that you’re essentially expected to be an event planning expert overnight, having never planned anything more than a birthday night out previously.  Professional wedding and events planners get paid a significant amount of money for their services and with good reason.  They know the who, the how and the why and have spent years pulling off the perfect day for hundreds/thousands of brides.  You’re expected to achieve the same with none of the tools for the job.  So when there’s the opportunity to get an expert team to look after a significant part of your big day - like your wedding entertainment - it’s only sensible to take it.


Good music agencies are experts in their field and will provide you with an end to end and hassle-free service.  From offering you advice to help you set the tone for your wedding, to ensuring your perfect band is available, to dealing with the boring bits in the background - they do it all.  Not to mention the fact that music agencies also have the budget to organise showcases for their bands so that you can pop along and hear them live FOR FREE before you make your decision.  Win, win!


It saves time


Search Google for “Wedding Band Glasgow” / “Wedding Band Edinburgh” / “Wedding Band Scotland” and so on - there are THOUSANDS of results.  You’ll spend hours shortlisting your bands, finding reviews, searching YouTube for grainy videos of them playing at some other wedding or event and then waiting for hours or even days for them to reply to your query - if they’re good they’ll be busy and out on the road so that’s to be expected.  And how do you know which of those bands are actually good?  Sure they may have glowing reviews, but are those reviews selective?  Are there an equal number of disappointed brides who’s band didn’t turn up, played the wrong set, didn’t check the venue’s Terms and Conditions for live music and thereby weren’t able to play on the day?  Who knows.  With music agencies, you have peace of mind.  They have a reputation to maintain and competition - both to secure the most weddings and the best bands - is fierce.  All you need do is contact a reputable agency and they will quickly provide you with the right advice, band availability and everything you need to know about your chosen entertainer.  It couldn’t be easier.


They’re insured


Part of the appeal of a music agency is the fact that they’re insured for any music-related disasters - however unlikely - that might befall you on your big day.  That means that should something happen to your chosen band, a substitute will be provided with no hassle for you.  They will just turn up in the other band’s place and your day will carry on as planned.  I won’t bore you with the horror stories of absentee bands (there are hundreds of blogs/forum posts out there on the subject) suffice it to say that it should be a consideration.  Unless that is, you choose a music agency and rest easy in the knowledge that they have your back.


They Deal With the Boring Stuff


Have you ever hired a band? Do you know all the legalities that go into the process? Can you be sure that the contract the band provides (if indeed they choose to do so) covers you as well as it covers them?  The answer is “probably not” and why should you.  It’s not your job.  Music agencies make absolutely sure - and crystal clear to everyone involved - that both parties’ rights are protected which can only be a good thing.  That way you and the band don’t need to waste time on the legal stuff and just focus on how to make your wedding entertainment perfect for your big day.


They look after their bands


Honestly, I can't speak for other agencies, but at Music For Scotland our bands are our greatest asset.  We don’t just audition a band and then rent them out to the highest bidder.  We’re not only involved in scouting the talent, matching the right musicians and forming the perfect band, but we also work with colleges across Scotland to give young musicians the opportunity to get work experience and experienced mentors to set them up for a career in the music industry.  Think of us the Scottish Simon Cowell - except less mean and more focussed on our customers.  Within the agency, we’re all musicians first and foremost. That means that quality comes above all else.  We set our bands up with all of the tools that we can possibly provide them with - whether it’s our frequent showcases, professional music videos or just some friendly advice.


If you’re looking for the best live wedding bands in Scotland - and complete peace of mind -  give us a shout and see how we can help you deliver the perfect wedding day.