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The Rise of the “Customised” Live Wedding Band

Generally speaking, when you think about a live wedding band, you think about a group of people rehearsing together, working together, travelling to venues together – basically, being one cohesive unit. As weddings are big money to wedding suppliers, the opportunity to make an easier buck constantly evolve and with them the understanding of what traditional elements of a wedding can look like.

The rise of the alternative wedding is brilliant, it keeps things interesting and there are plenty of ideas that we’re more than on board with; porkpie wedding cake (amazing); bridal bouquet made of sweets instead of flowers (great for hayfever sufferers and a handy snack for the starving bride mid photo session); street food instead of a sit down wedding breakfast (caters to all tastes and dietary requirements and is undeniably cool).

Some new ideas we’re not so sure about however and one of these is the rise of the so called “customised” band as opposed to the established live wedding band.

So what is a customised wedding band?


This sort of band is not really a band at all but rather a collaboration between a number of different solo artists who are brought to perform together for individual events based on the requirements of the bride and groom – or, frequently, availability. It is a talent pick and mix if you like whereas a live wedding band is an established group of musicians who work together to perform – and sometimes produce – music.

To use an analogy, imagine The Spice Girls where the roles of Scary Spice, Posh Spice, Sporty Spice, Baby Spice and Ginger Spice would be played by different people from gig to gig. That’s a customised group - a group of musicians hired to play a particular event.

Live Wedding Band v Customised Group


Now don’t get us wrong. We’re in no way concerned about the individual talent of the musicians and entertainers making up these customised groups. If you’re not a talented artist you’re not going to make it in the wedding business (or any live music business) period. The musicians in the group would have worked their socks off to be recognised in their field. So if the quality of the music isn’t our concern, what’s the problem with this approach?

Let’s use another analogy – anyone who’s seen Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood on stage - the way they interact, the way they play off each other – will have seen their undeniable chemistry. And it’s that word there, chemistry, that X factor, which would be missing in a customised group. The Rolling Stones’ songs are known throughout the world and memorised by millions of people sure, but the reason the band is not only still together but performing sell out stadium tours (with a combined age of around 300 we might add) is the relationship they have and the fizzing chemistry that you witness every time they perform.

Take Keith or Ronnie out of the equation and replace them with equally talented musicians and something (a very big thing) will be missing. Apply that same thinking to U2, The Prodigy, Queen, Aerosmith, ZZ Top…and you start to get the point. The talent may be there but unless a band has gone through a creative process together, experienced the highs and lows of their career together, had fun and a few “this stays between us” experiences together, the chemistry will just not be there.

So why is this a problem? Well, that same chemistry translates – infuses – into the audience be it at a gig or a wedding reception, creating energy and above all FUN. We’ve seen many a wedding where, try as they might, the band just doesn’t get the guests up and dancing, the atmosphere feels flat and people leave early. This usually happens when the band members don’t know how to interact with each other, read audience cues and are simply there to play their set and leave. If you’ve spent money on a band, entertaining the crowd will be a basic requirement and doing it in a fun way that shows that you’re enjoying the wedding as much as everyone else, certainly helps with that.

Why Music For Scotland is different


Because we know the importance of chemistry and a real gelling of the talent on stage, our approach to live wedding band management is more end to end. We work in partnership with several colleges across Scotland to offer their music students a chance to gain experience in the music industry during their degree, we then handpick the best talent who audition for us and match up the right musicians and singers. We’re also there every step of the way to support them during their career with us. Because of this holistic approach, we can maintain the highest levels of quality and help our customers create unforgettable memories.

Whether you’re looking for a wedding band in Glasgow, Edinburgh or anywhere else in Scotland, Music For Scotland are the right place to start your search. Our passion for music is evident in everything that we do – after all, we’re all musicians ourselves!

Get in touch to find out more or if you have any questions – we’re here to help.