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Guest Post: Wedding Decor Ideas 2020

Over the years, we've worked with some incredible suppliers and talented designers who have helped happy couples make their wedding dreams a reality.  Today, we're excited to feature a new blog post by Jill Sandy, who is a sustainable gardener at Constant Delights.

Weddings are a significant event in anyone's life, so everyone wants their wedding space to look impressive.  This can be difficult to achieve with an indoor wedding venue as space limitations and restrictions imposed by the venue itself can stop some plans in their tracks.  Fireworks for instance are a no-no at a lot of venues as are candles, decor hangers and confetti (including rose petals and dried flowers). Outdoor weddings are less likely to have such restrictions and so are quickly becoming a trend that many couples choose. With an outdoor wedding party, you can take advantage of the light and space and make the most of the great outdoors to have your  perfect, nature-led wedding party.

So how do you have a "green" wedding space?

The beauty of an outdoor wedding is that you can take full advantage of the beauty of nature. And if you want to add a little extra glamour to your celebrations, try incorporating some of these wedding decor ideas into you wedding design.

The entrance to the ceremony

You can decorate the ceremony entrance by arranging fresh, beautiful flowers on both sides of the path to lead the bride and groom to the aisle or into the reception hall.  These can be in large vases, flower pots, barrels or strung together in garlands for a Midsommer Night Dream feel.  This is a perfect way to decorate the space between the ceremony and the reception and you can even tuck fun photos into your floral arrangements to show your guests the best memories of your relationship so far.  Plus, if your guests come to the ceremony a little early, they can spend time looking through your photos while they wait for the bride's grand entrance and after the wedding, you can keep the images to decorate your home.

Wedding gate


A wedding gate will make a beautiful first impression when guests come into your ceremony.

A wedding gate erected by combining colorful flowers will make the wedding feel fresher and sweeter. People will have a beautiful place to be able to take commemorative photos.

For the ceremony to become meaningful, you can also decorate the wedding gate with the flowers you love; the flowers symbolize your love and your relationship.


Handheld Flowers

Handheld flowers are one of the most indispensable accessories of the bride at the wedding ceremony.  Handheld wedding bouquets help the bride stand out even more on her wedding day.  Wedding bouquets made up of flowers, fruits, and vegetables are currently a hot trend. An impressive and unique bouquet combining flowers, fruits and vegetables will definitely stand out from the crowd (and you'll be carrying around a healthy snack if you get hungry!)


Hang Chandeliers on Trees


When the sun sets, your wedding space will need more light. Instead of using indoor lights, you can hang some wire lamps or tea lights in a tree to create sparkle for the wedding reception.

A vintage chandelier will add light and create luxury for an outdoor wedding party. And you can hang chandeliers from a large branch with a sturdy rope to take advantage of the natural outdoor scenery.

If your wedding venue doesn't have a lot of greenery, you can also use chandeliers as centerpieces and decorate them with floating flowers and foliage.

Pallet Dance Floor

With a bit of time and money, you can build a dance floor in your backyard from recycled wooden pallets. And to create an exciting feeling, draw a black and white chessboard design on the dance floor.

Succulents as Wedding Gifts


Why not give succulents or flower seeds to guests as wedding favours? Succulents are also a popular way to decorate the wedding venue as they are a hardy plant that will look beautiful from the beginning to the end of your big day and are a perfect wedding gift for guests to take home after the festivities.  Even for those people lacking a green thumb!

Use wood as an accent

If you plan a rustic, outdoor wedding that is immersed in nature, use tree stumps to decorate the wedding venue.  For example, fashion tree stumps into guest signboards which will guide your friends and family wherever they need to go for each event in your outdoor wedding.

You can also combine branches with fresh foliage and flowers to decorate the venue and make your floral displays look more striking. Use wooden blocks to form different shapes and use these as shelves to display cakes, traybakes or cupcakes, making the most of the wedding space.

If you're looking for a theme to pull all of these ideas together think "Fairy Garden" - it's very popular with couples looking to decorate their wedding space in a way that embraces nature and brings a child-like sense of magic to your big day.  This style is relatively easy to achieve with flowers, wood, ornamental plants, LED lights, silk strips, scented candles, drooping chandeliers, etc., which can create a sense of magic when entering a venue.  Thus, from the above suggestions, you can design yourself a stylish and equally romantic wedding space.

Author Bio: Jill Sandy is a sustainability-focused gardener at Constant Delights. She loves decorating her garden at home with beautiful landscape design and creative garden care techniques she develops herself.