22 Nov 2015 Admin

8 Essential Decisions to Make for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding, no matter how big or small, is never easy. There are a lot of choices to sift through and a number of blunders to make along the way. But it’s all part of the process, and the important thing to remember during the wedding planning period is that you’re doing this with the person who you have committed to spend the rest of your life with. 
Nevertheless, to help you out, here are 8 essential decisions you WILL have to make during the wedding planning:

1. The Budget.

It may not be the final figure yet, but knowing early on how much you can or would be able to afford will be a big help in the wedding planning process. It will also keep you out of debt by keeping you in line with all the spending. See How to Have an Affordable Wedding Reception

2. The Date.

Deciding on the wedding date sounds easy, but there are actually a number of things to consider before ultimately picking THE wedding day. Do you or your partner have any preference as to the season? Will that season be a good fit for the wedding theme that you had in mind? After all, an outdoor luau can hardly be held outside during winter season. Also consider that summer weddings do tend to cost a bit more than winter weddings held in the same location.

3. The Venue and Guest Size.

The venue and number of guests tend to be linked to the budget, since you can’t very well invite 500 people with a budget that’s meant to cater to only 50. That said, the number of people you do plan to invite should also be factored in when choosing the wedding venue, as you have to make sure that the location can comfortably accommodate everyone. Knowing how many guests you can invite will then help you in drafting a wedding guest list - it will help if you and your partner can come up with “guest rules” to avoid arguments about who NOT to invite.

4. The Wedding Party.

As much as you’d love to name all of your friends as your bridesmaids, in most cases, that’s just not possible. So planning who to include in the wedding party needs to be thought of carefully. Choose those friends who you’ll always want to remember as being there by your side during your wedding day - and ask your partner to do the same. In choosing the person who will be named the maid of honor, choose the closest friend you have who is not only responsible, but also fun and supportive. 

5. The Wedding Theme. 

Deciding on the general theme of the wedding may be tricky, especially if your fiance has a conflicting vision of the perfecting wedding to yours. Take time to sit down and talk about what you both really want, and find a common ground. And be fair - it’s his wedding as much as yours. 

6. The Photographer. 

One of regrets that quite a number of people have about their wedding was not hiring a professional photographer to capture all the important moments on their big day. For such a special occasion, you’ll want lasting photos to capture the memories that you’ve undoubtedly made during the wedding day and reception. So choose a photographer that you feel comfortable around, and make sure to discuss the style of photos that you’ll want him to be taking beforehand.

7. The Menu.

Consider the time of your wedding reception when choosing the menu for your wedding celebration. You can’t very well go on serving light snacks for a reception slated to start at 7’o clock in the evening. Drinks should also be considered: do you plan to have an open bar? Discuss this with your caterer, or run through your options with them before your wedding.

8. The Wedding Music.

A wedding may be without music, but it would probably be quite dull. Music is the language that speaks to a lot of people, and it has the ability to take special moments a level higher. However, having the wrong type of musician play at your wedding can kill the enjoyment in a party, too, so take the time to listen to a variety of wedding bands and singers to figure out exactly what kind of music you’ll want them to be playing at your ceremony or reception.

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